Sweepstakes Casino Payments

Sweepstakes Casino Payments

Social gaming sites always offer free daily coins, but they also sell coin packages you can purchase with top payment options if you need a quick top-up before your next batch of free coins.

If you constantly find yourself in dire need of coins to play your favorite games on sweepstakes casinos but are not sure of what payment option to use, then this guide has all the information you need to get started. In addition to our picks for the best sweepstakes casino payments, we also provide tips on how to pick the best coin packages, process your first redemption, and payment options to avoid.

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Gold Coin Purchases and Sweepstakes Coins Redemptions

Virtual currencies like gold coins and sweeps coins are the only acceptable form of entry to play games on a sweepstakes casino, and you can get them for free every day. However, these social gaming sites also allow you to purchase a coin package to ensure an uninterrupted gaming session.

As the name implies, a gold coin package is a special bundle you can purchase to play casino-style games. You can only purchase non-redeemable gold coins, but as a bonus, you’ll receive free sweepstakes coins. With the free SC you receive, you can play games and redeem your winnings for cash prizes, which is what all players are after.

Depending on the virtual casino you visit, you’ll find different gold coin packages and a selection of payment options, and you must know how to pick the best payment method.

Banking Options at Online Sweepstakes Casinos

Social gaming sites support several payment options, and below are the best channels to expect:

Bank Cards


  • Debit cards restrict your coin purchases to your account balance, preventing you from playing with money you cannot afford to lose
  • Transactions are instant
  • Available on most sweepstakes online casinos


  • Credit cards usually have interest on any amount you spend
  • You’ll need to provide your details to complete a transaction

If you come across an iGaming site that doesn’t support debit/credit cards, you should be wary of their operations – unless they are a crypto-only casino.

As one of the oldest forms of payment, bank cards are widely supported on most social casinos you visit. Furthermore, almost everyone can acquire a bank card these days, making it one of the most popular options among players.

Card Purchase

A bank card comes in the form of a debit or credit card, depending on your preference. A debit card is a plastic or metal card that allows you to spend only money you have in your bank account, while a credit card will enable you to spend on credit (your financial institution’s money) and pay back later. To build proper responsible gambling habits, I always recommend using debit cards on all iGaming sites.

Several processing companies issue bank cards, and some of the standard options for US residents are Mastercard, VISA, American Express (AmEx), and Discover.

Online Bank Transfers


  • One of the most accessible payment options to use
  • Usually high transaction limits
  • A very secure payment option for everyone


  • A much slower payment option compared to e-wallets and other channels

Bank transfers always meet the requirements for an inexpensive and reliable way to purchase coins, and it is available via Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and other top banks, offering a highly secure transaction process with low fees.

Furthermore, you can complete online bank transfers using Trustly, an open banking system that allows you to store your account details in one place and quickly perform transactions from one dashboard. High 5 Casino, Pulsz Casino, and WOW Vegas are sites that accept Trustly bank transfers.

High 5 Casino



  • Fast transaction speeds
  • Allows you to share your e-wallet details instead of personal banking details for transactions
  • Usually supports both purchases and redemptions
  • Transaction fees are usually lower than traditional banking options


  • E-wallets can be hacked
  • Some e-wallets aren’t available on certain sweepstakes casinos

E-wallets are one of the best payment methods to use on social gaming sites, and there are several benefits to picking this option. On many US sweepstakes casinos, PayPal and Skrill are popular options you’ll come across. Skrill is an option on High 5 Casino, Pulsz Casino, Fortune Coins, and WOW Vegas, while High 5 Casino is my pick for the top US PayPal sweepstakes casino.

A considerable benefit of e-wallets is the possibility of separating your social casino spending from your daily spending, which is excellent for tracking and controlling your gaming expenses.

You won’t have to provide your banking details when using e-wallets. Instead, you can complete transactions by giving the e-wallet details when processing a payment.

Mobile Wallets


  • Great for users who prefer not to move around with a physical card or wallet
  • You can complete payments using your fingerprint or face ID
  • Offers a secure payment channel


  • Your payment details can be stolen if your device gets hacked or falls into the wrong hands

Mobile payment channels like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay are becoming more prominent on iGaming sites for their ease of use. These apps function as mobile wallets allowing you to securely store your card details on your mobile device. Using the stored details, it’s possible to quickly complete online payments without going through the stress of manually providing your card details, CCV, name, and so on.

For anyone interested, WOW Vegas is one of the few social gaming sites that accepts mobile payments.



  • Fast transaction speeds since third parties like banks are eliminated
  • Excellent for maintaining privacy
  • Very low fees


  • Very few sites accept this option
  • A common option on fraudulent social gaming sites
  • Cryptocurrencies have high volatility
  • Wallets or exchanges where you store your cryptocurrencies can be hacked or shut down

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies have come to stay, and online gambling sites are slowly incorporating this payment option. Depending on where you play, you can complete transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and many other alt coins.

The main benefit of cryptocurrency payments is that you don’t have to share your personal or financial information with any gambling site, which helps maintain your privacy. Plus, cryptocurrencies use encryption when processing every transaction to provide security, and the lack of third-party intermediaries helps reduce transaction fees.

Although social gaming sites supporting cryptocurrencies are rare, Stake.us is one of the few trustworthy casinos I recommend for anyone interested in the anonymity and fast transaction speeds that crypto payments offer.

Purchasing Gold Coins

Gold Coin Package

Sweepstakes casinos have a straightforward purchase process, which is in place to get you to spend more. To purchase gold coins using any of the payment methods available, here are the steps to take:

  1. Click on the Buy button that should be visible at the top of the screen.
  2. This redirects you to a coin store where you can find a list of all available packages, including information on any free gold coins, free sweeps coins, and the actual price you must pay.
  3. If you have a pending bonus, like a first-purchase offer, you may get a pop-up notification.
  4. Select the coin package you want to purchase to proceed to checkout.
  5. Pick one of the available payment options on the checkout page and provide the required info.
  6. Complete your payment; the coins should appear in your account immediately.

If you’re making your first purchase at the casino, always try to take advantage of the welcome bonus. This is usually a one-time offer that rewards you with a large amount of free coins for your first purchase, like the 66% bonus on Pulsz, or a discount on specific coin packages.Welcome Offer

Do sweepstakes casinos support the same options?

Although sweepstakes casino payment options differ, bank cards and e-wallets are usually supported. Therefore, you’ll always need to do some research before joining a new sweepstakes casino.

Do I need to purchase gold coins?

Since the no-purchase-necessary model is the backbone of sweepstakes casinos, many users often wonder if there is any need to purchase additional coins.

It all boils down to personal preference and your desire for real cash gaming.

Remember, sweepstakes casinos offer thousands of free gold coins daily, but free sweep coins are usually limited to 1 – 10 SC. With this little SC amount, there is a severe cap on your potential winnings, meaning much lower redemptions.

With many sites offering jackpot games with high potential payouts, having a decent amount of SC is often the best option for anyone who wants an experience like what real money casinos offer. By purchasing a gold coin package, you get free SC that you can use to place higher bets and, in some cases, remove annoying ads on sites like Pulsz Casino.

Sweepstakes Coins Redemptions

Redeem Your Sweeps Coins

A redemption is the option to withdraw your SC winnings as cash prizes. The redemption feature is only available on sweepstakes casinos like WOW Vegas, Fortune Coins, or Pulsz Casino, so don’t expect to be able to get cash prizes when playing on social casinos like High 5 Classic or PENN Play Casino.

On any social gaming site, the gold coins you play with have no redeemable value, and only the sweepstakes coins offer real cash prizes as payouts. You will also find specific requirements for redemptions, like the minimum SC, wagering requirement, and so on, that you must meet to process your redemption.

Usual Sweeps Coins Redemption Rules

When processing a redemption on social casinos, there are some standard requirements you’ll come across, although the details of each requirement may vary for each platform:

  1. Account Verification: Many sweepstakes perform a KYC procedure after you open your account, but a few sites defer this process until you process your first redemption. You must provide a government-issued ID and a selfie, a recent utility bill, and a bank statement to complete the process.
  2. Wagering requirement: A 1x wagering requirement is standard on sweepstakes casino sites. This requirement applies to all free sweeps coins you receive via coin purchases, social media contests, or daily login bonuses.
  3. Minimum SC: The minimum amount of sweeps coins you need to process a redemption varies from site to site, but it’s usually between the range of 10 SC to 100 SC. Pulsz Casino is a perfect example, with a 10 SC minimum for gift cards and a 100 SC minimum for bank transfers and Skrill redemptions.
  4. Daily Redemption Limit: There is usually a $10,000 daily limit for prize redemptions.
  5. Limits by Law: This applies to New York and Florida residents, where prize redemptions are restricted to a $5,000 maximum per win.
  6. Payout Frequency: This varies depending on the site, with Chumba Casino processing one payout every 24 hours, while Pulsz Casino will process one request every 48 hours.

For accurate information on these requirements, always go through the Terms and Conditions page or Sweepstakes Rules section of the online casino you’re playing on. Our reviews also clearly highlight this info.

Redeeming Cash Prizes

If you meet all the requirements of the sweepstakes casino you are playing at, here are the steps to take for your prize redemptions:

  1. Click on the Redeem button on your casino account.
  2. Enter the number of coins you want to redeem.
  3. Pick a payout channel. Remember, the number of coins you want to redeem must meet the minimum required for the payment option.
  4. Enter all necessary details as required by the casino.
  5. Complete any additional verification requirement depending on the amount you redeem.
  6. Wait to receive your prize.

Some sweepstakes casinos process redemptions in less than 24 hours, while others may take up to 10 business days, depending on the payment option, so you must be patient.

Extra redemption methods

To promote easy prize redemptions, sweepstakes casinos usually have some additional payment options that you can select, including:

  1. Paper Checks: Some sweepstakes casinos will offer paper checks as a payment option for players processing large redemptions. Not everyone will like this option due to the long time it takes to get the funds, but you might not get any other choice in some cases.
  2. Gift Cards: This option is excellent for its low minimum redemption requirement, but it restricts how you can spend your winnings. On some casinos, you’ll be lucky to get an Amazon or Visa gift card, while others offer 7-Eleven or Walmart gift cards in exchange for your coins.

You should note that other options like bank transfers, Skrill, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies may be available for both deposits and redemptions, but paper checks and gift cards usually support redemptions only.

Finding the Best Sweepstakes Casino Payment Option For You

The performance of payment methods on social casinos will significantly impact your overall gaming experience, so it’s crucial to identify the best option. Due to location, playstyle, and personal preference, some options may work better for you than others, and here are the standard areas I always use to gauge a payment channel:

  1. Transaction speed: Many players prioritize transaction speed over other factors when picking a payment option. Cryptocurrencies and e-wallets are your best bet if you’re one of these players.
  2. Fees: Although most social casinos don’t impose fees on your payments, the payment processing company may have fees. For low fees, e-wallets are always great.
  3. Accessibility: Sweepstakes casinos offer payment options available in all parts of the US. However, double-checking that a payment service works flawlessly in your location is always a good idea.
  4. Safety: The payment options I’ve listed are all safe and secure, so you can be at ease when using them. However, sweepstakes casinos also have a role to play, so I recommend you check out our top US sweepstakes since they offer a high level of security for your information and transactions.
  5. Simplicity: Payment options that are easy to use are always welcome, which is why I always go for e-wallets or mobile wallets when purchasing coin packages.
  6. Bonus Offers: Some social casinos offer bonuses, like 5% extra coins, for using a specific payment option. If you find one of these offers, then you must take advantage.

How to Identify the Best Gold Coin Bundle

When assessing the payment options on a social casino, I also like to check out the packages they offer. For any casino you visit, there are two areas to consider when determining the quality of its coin packages:

  • The value of free SCs you receive on every offer
  • Discounts on offers

SC conversion rate

In general, each gold coin package you purchase from a sweepstakes casino will come with a specific amount of free SC, which is usually equivalent to the price of the package. However, you need to know the casino’s SC to $ conversion rate to determine if the free SC is worth the cost.

For example, Fortune Coins has a 100 FC to $1 conversion rate, and its $5 package rewards you with 1,000,000 GC and free 515 FC. So, on every $5 you spend, you get $5.15 worth of free SC.

On the other hand, Pulsz has a $1 to 1 SC conversion rate and a $4.99 package that pays out 79,500 GC and 5 SC, meaning you get $5 worth of free sweepstakes coins for every $5 you spend.

Although this doesn’t happen often, a few sites, like WOW Vegas and Pulsz Casino, may have specific packages that don’t include free SC.


While the standard free SC you get from a coin package is usually equivalent to the $ value of the package, discounts on certain offers can offer massive benefits. On a site like Pulsz, you get a first-time purchase offer that awards a discount on specific packages. You can pay $9.99 for 173,500 GC and 15 SC ($5 extra benefit) or $19.99 for 362,000 GC and 30 SC ($10 additional benefit).

7,500 Gold Coins on Registration + 2.5 Sweepstakes Coins
  • Amazing slots
  • Sign up bonus
  • Daily promos
250,000 Wow Coins + 5 SC on Signup
  • Paris Hilton ambassador
  • 10 free spins awarded regularly
  • VIP Transfer
5,000 Gold Coins + 2.9 Sweeps Coins
  • Excellent reputation
  • Android & iOS apps
  • 700+ slots

Sweepstakes Casino Banking Options to Avoid

Despite the availability of trustworthy banking options, there are other payment channels I recommend you refrain from using. In most cases, these payment channels may be reliable, but the sites offering them make them less than ideal:

Crypto payments on aggregators

Although Stake.us has done an excellent job showcasing the positive features of cryptocurrencies, many other sites are working hard to discredit this payment option. Examples are BitBetWin and BitPlay, where you can find a selection of sweepstakes games from platforms like VBlink, Juwa, Vegas Sweeps, etc.

Unfortunately, these third-party aggregators don’t provide much information on their operations or ownerships, which is a huge red flag in online gaming. Add this to cryptocurrency payments, which are usually untraceable and irreversible, and you have a rogue casino waiting to scam you.

Cash App

US residents will have heard of Cash App, a mobile payment system that supports peer-to-peer payments, the purchase of cryptocurrencies, and the storage of funds.

Although Cash App is a trustworthy payment channel, I’ve frequently encountered this option on Facebook sweepstakes casinos. Many of these casinos are third-party operators like BitBetWin that host casino games from untrusted names like Riversweeps, Milky Way, and Vegas-X, so I recommend you skip it.


Finding solid sweepstakes payment methods may be easier than you think, and this may give the impression that all casinos are built the same. However, there are several other factors to consider when searching for top online sweepstakes casinos to visit.

So, while I’ve gone through all the basics of picking the best payment options, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and you’ll need to cover other aspects if you want the best experience.

To put your mind at ease, our experts constantly provide reviews of sweepstakes casinos, focusing on the games, promotions, payouts, and other features they offer. Of course, the gold coin bundles, banking options, redemption limits, and built-in sweeps coins are at the forefront of our assessment.


Do I need to purchase to play at a sweepstakes casino?

Purchases of coins are optional at sweepstakes casinos. Players get several bonuses like a no-deposit bonus, welcome offer, and daily login bonuses to enjoy the games for entertainment purposes.

What do I redeem on sweepstakes casinos?

Sweepstakes casinos allow you to redeem real cash prizes when you play with sweeps coins. The standard rate is one sweeps coin for one dollar.

I cannot find sweeps coins on my social gaming site; what should I do?

It’s common to find social gaming sites referenced as sweepstakes casinos online; however, a real social casino only has gold coins, so you won’t find sweepstakes coins to use. To play with free SC and redeem cash prizes, check out WOW Vegas, Stake.us, Pulsz Casino, or go through our reviews for a more comprehensive list of the best sweepstakes casinos to visit.

What is the minimum deposit at sweepstakes casinos?

Some social casinos offer coin packages as low as $1, but you may not receive free SC with these low prices, as is the case with Pulsz Casino’s $1.99 package. You may need to spend $5 or more to ensure you always get free SC.

How do I get free sweepstakes coins?

You can get free SC through daily login bonuses, mail-in promotions, social media contests, and through GC bundles.
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Mike is SweepsKings’ SEO wizard and uses his skills to produce content that answers questions you haven’t even thought of yet! He personally fact-checks all articles posted on SweepsKings and leverages his vast iGaming marketing experience to keep the site feeling fresh.
Mike is SweepsKings’ SEO wizard and uses his skills to produce content that answers questions you haven’t even thought of yet! He personally fact-checks all articles posted on SweepsKings and leverages his vast iGaming marketing experience to keep the site feeling fresh.