Fish Table Games Online Real Money: Play for Free at Sweepstakes Casinos

Fish Table Games Online Real Money: Play for Free at Sweepstakes Casinos

Fish table games blend the captivating graphics of slots with the action of arcade-style, action-packed minigames, bringing the best of both worlds to a single game.

They are trendy at sweepstakes and online casinos because they’re fun and because the player’s skill and accuracy largely determine their payouts.

We at SweepsKings have enjoyed playing online fish table games for years, and we’re here to help you find the best casinos that offer them. Enjoy our in-depth guide to free fish table games complete with recommended online casinos and expert tips to win at the most popular titles!

SweepsKings treats readers like royalty. Our team works around-the-clock to source you with honest and in-depth information on sweepstakes casinos. Our reviews, guides, bonuses, and coverage are based on hands-on testing and 100+ years of combined industry experience.

We may receive financial compensation if you play at the legal sweepstakes gaming sites we advertise. Still, our content remains impartial to financial or outside influence and is guided solely by our ethos, research, and industry knowledge.

Where to Play Free Fish Gambling Games Online

Even though fish table games have been wildly popular for over a decade, they aren’t available in all US sweepstakes casinos. We’ve shortlisted the best platforms that feature them, so check out our reviews below to learn more about each.

100,000 Free Gold Coins + 50% Super Coins Match
  • Fish games
  • User-friendly site
  • Regular bonuses
10 SC & 100,000 GC on Sign Up
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  • 600+ games
  • Fish tables
128,000 Tao Coins No Deposit + 50% Purchase Match
  • Referral bonus
  • Daily rewards
  • Slots and skill games
125,000 Fun Coins No Purchase
  • Hefty free bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Owned by A1
FREE 400,000 Coins and 1000 Entries
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  • Fish Games
  • Outstanding UI
250,000 Gold Coins on Sign Up
  • Fish tables
  • Variety of slots
  • 20+ jackpots
630,000 Gold Coins + 1400 Fortune Coins
  • 10+ fish games
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Best welcome bonus

NoLimitCoins Casino

Nolimit Coins Casino

NoLimitCoins is the (older) sister casino of Funrize, launched in 2021 by A1 Development LLC. It’s a relatively small social casino with cash prizes, offering over 79+ slots and fish games from NetGame.

SweepsKings’ exclusive links will net you a hefty 33% discount on any GC package while the free-play welcome bonus at NoLimitCoins will fill your balance with 100,000 GCs. Additionally, you’ll also receive 1,000 free sweeps coins upon account verification, all of which can be used on Fishing Kingdom, Thunder Fishing, and other popular fish table games.

Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins Casino

Launched in 2022 by Social Gaming LLC, Fortune Coins is a premier fish game casino with over 200+ games from reputable providers like Pragmatic, Mascot, and KA Gaming. Sign up with our secure links, and you’ll receive a whopping 630,000 GC and 1,400 free Fortune Coins (sweeps).

A variety of popular fish table games are available at this sweepstakes casino, including but not limited to Emily’s Treasure, Fish Hunter, King Octopus, The Deep Monster, and more.

We’d also like to mention Fortune Coins’ special fist-purchase deal, which offers 20,000,000 GCs and 5,000 free FCs for just $10, which is effectively worth $40 in savings.


Funrize Casino Homepage

A1 Development LLC launched Funrize in 2022. It’s a growing social casino with over 100+ slots and fish games and is available in all US states except Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Michigan, and Utah. It’s exclusively powered by NetGame and has a sleek app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple App stores.

Use our exclusive links to sign up and receive FREE 400,000 Coins and 1000 Entries. After that, don’t forget to use the refer-a-friend and mail-in bonuses, as well as spin the wheel each day for a chance of earning up to 225,000 TRN and 500 free PEs (sweeps coins). You can use these credits to play 5 fish games, the most popular being Ice & Fire Fishing and Candy Heroes!


Taofortune Casino Homepage

The third platform from A1 Development LLC, TaoFortune launched in 2022 and is among the most popular fish game social casinos with slightly over 85+ games from NetGame.

Simply registering with our links will give you 128,000 Tao Coins to start. From there, use the referral bonus to grab an additional 900,000 TCs and 2,500 free secret coins, send a postcard to receive 100 SCs whenever your balance is zero, and make sure to check your daily quests for extra free currency. Some popular fish table games here include Fishing Kingdom Remastered, Ice & Fire, Candy Heroes, and Thunder Fishing.


Zitobox Casino Homepage

ZitoBox is a fairly old social casino launched in 2015 by Joy Media Works. Even so, it’s mainly an alternative to the aforementioned four since its welcome bonus of 500 GC and 100 free ZP is considerably lower relative to the industry’s average.

This sweeps casino offers over 150+ slots, table games, fish games, and jackpots from SG Interactive, Wazdan, and GMW; in terms of promos, ZitoBox’s main offering is a 100% match bonus on $5-10 purchases, which goes up to 225% match on larger purchases. ZitoBox is home to 10+ arcade shooter games including the same titles Fortune Coins features from KA Gaming.

Types of Real Money Fish Table Games in the US

Just like numerous variations of slot games exist, there’s a variety of fish game types US players can enjoy at online and sweepstakes casinos.

Each category of fish shooter games will present you with different gameplay and challenges, so read SweepsKings’ fish table games guide to make the most out of your gaming sessions.

Fish Arcade Games

Fish games originated in arcades – they were brought from physical gaming machines to the virtual space by numerous i-gaming developers, retaining most of their original features and mechanics.

The uncontested ruler of this fish game type is the iconic Ocean King or better said, the Ocean King trilogy. Set in a player-versus-player (PvP) environment, each player is piloting a single turret and shoots at the incoming fish, lobsters, and various underwater monsters from a different angle.

The online adaptations of fish arcade games are true to the originals in terms of gameplay elements and features, although not all fish arcade games are competitive in nature.

This category is characterized by the game’s source – in other words, virtual emulations of real fish game machines are often simply called “fish arcade games” and can typically be found under the “Arcade” or “Minigames” sections.

Fish Arcade Games

Fish Shooter Games

While all fish table games are packed with plenty of action, fish shooters take the cake. This category is mostly focused on bringing thrilling gameplay elements like upgradeable weapons or damage boosters; certain titles accept somewhat lower wagers compared to fish arcades or jackpots, but that doesn’t imply that big wins aren’t possible.

In other fish table game types, players can increase the “damage” of their turrets, harpoons, or guns by adjusting the coin size. In fish shooters, better weapons often bring unique effects to the table, such as piercing ammo, lasers, splash damage, and more.

This means that you’ll no longer have to be as focused on your accuracy, but you will need to keep an eye on your spending. Better weapons with the aforementioned boons and unique effects often cost significantly more to shoot – even more than individual “basic” weapons with the same shooting speed and damage.

One of the best fish shooters our team at SweepsKings loves the most is Thunder Fishing. What makes it special is that it offers a variety of gun upgrades, on-demand boosters, and a plethora of unique fish targets, as well as special bonuses like Money Wheel, Bosses with massive multipliers, and more.

Fish Shooter Games

Jackpot Fish Games

Jackpot Fish Games

Similar to jackpot slots, jackpot table fish games also feature the “grand prize” mechanic. By playing these games, every “shot” you take can reel in massive payouts, just like every “spin” in slots has a chance to trigger any of the available jackpots.

The core mechanics are the same as with “regular” fish shooters. The player gets to load up the gun by choosing the initial wager, which dictates the size of the potential catch. After that, you’ll see a variety of different fish symbols moving across the board, and your job is to accurately shoot them to capture them.

Fishing Kingdom by NetGame is among the most popular jackpot fish games, featuring four jackpots – the “Mini” and “Minor” jackpots can be triggered by bets of 5+ coins/credits while the “Major” and “Mega” jackpots can only be activated by wagers of at least 20 coins per shot.

Red and Silver Jackpots

Newer fish jackpot games are packed with unique mechanics and can be categorized as hybrids between multiple fish table game categories. The aforementioned Fishing Kingdom, for example, features the “Pick ‘Em Bonus” and the Bonus Wheel mechanic, meaning that it’s as much of a Jackpot as it is a Feature Fish game.

Feature Fish Games

The fish table game equivalent of “Feature Spins”, feature fish games are jam-packed with special mechanics that affect both gameplay and payouts.

While other fish game types sometimes bring larger enemies to the board, Feature Fish Games roll out “bosses” quite frequently. These hulking sea monsters are tough to bring down, and if you’re not using your biggest guns, you may end up wasting your ammo (money) without making as much of a dent. Boss enemies always yield tremendous prizes once defeated.

Feature fish games always have at least several bonus-like mechanics, such as “Pick a Prize” or “Unlimited Ammo” (the equivalent of “free spins” in slots). To grab these bonuses, you’ll need to shoot and destroy the symbols representing them.

Our favorite feature fish game is Mermaid Hunter by KA Gaming. Even though its theoretical RTP is slightly below the industry’s average, we adored its puffer fish “wheel” mechanic, as well as the fact that you can set the firing mode to automatic.

Feature Fish Games

Fish Game Slots

Fish table games eventually became so popular that big-league developers like Pragmatic decided to create a brand-new genre called “fish slots”. In essence, these are slot games with several core mechanics “borrowed” from fish table games.

One of the biggest differences between fish slots and regular slots is that the former features fish “prizes”. These are similar to coin symbols in Hold & Win slot games, assuming a random prize value whenever they are drawn.

In games like Fishin’ Reels by Pragmatic Play, the player is “reeling” fish symbols while hunting for the big catch by spinning the wheels instead of shooting them.

Fish slots may feature random wild multipliers, jackpots, and special features similar to feature fish games, but they are single-player exclusive games and as such are completely different from fish shooters and arcades.

Big Bass Bonanza

Guide to Online Fish Table Games

Fish table games are virtual emulations of “fishing video games” that emerged around 2005 in various Asian arcade centers. Some even believe that the very first fish shooter game is William Engel’s Gone Fishin’, which was developed all the way back in 1977.

Gone Fishing Program

Fast-forward to 2010, skill fish games came to the US and took the market by storm. It was during this time that arcade and pinball machines were extremely popular, and fish shooters introduced an entirely new concept – a multiplayer shooting game where coins are used to fuel the turrets.

Modern fish shooters are skill games based on fish-shooting machines. In the following sections, the SweepsKings team will help you understand all fish table game rules, odds, payouts, and special features, so let’s start from the top.

Fish Table Game Rules

The basic rules of fish table games are simple – choose your weapon, load it with coins, and shoot fish and sea monsters to claim their prizes. However, each of these rules is more nuanced in modern fish games, so let’s have a look:

  • Choosing the weapon can be likened to adjusting the wager size. The higher the wager, the stronger the weapon. Bigger guns usually shoot faster, deal more damage, and can capture larger monsters while they’re practically necessary to deal with bosses.
  • A single spin of the reels in slots equates to a single shot in fish games. When it comes to the latter, the shots are fired instantly, and the loaded coins are consumed just as quickly. Keep this in mind when determining your wager.
  • By shooting fish/monsters, you gradually decrease their hit points (HP). Once they’ve sustained enough damage, fish will drop rewards similar to slot games drawing a winning combination of symbols.
  • Each fish table game features numerous types of enemies. The rewards each monster yields are proportionate to their size (and HP).
  • While players have no control over which symbols will appear in casino-style games, you can choose your targets in skill fish games by aiming.
  • Fish, crabs, mermaids, and other sea monsters will continuously be moving along a preset path. If they reach the end of the screen, you cannot claim their prizes. It’s also important to note that while enemies cannot block each other’s path, the bullets will only hit the closest target. This can be overridden in games that have a special feature called “lock attack” (e.g. Emily’s Treasure).
  • The prizes are claimed instantly as soon as the monster is down.

Fish Table Game Odds and Payouts

Even though they’re skill-based games that reward accuracy and strategy while punishing haphazard shooting, there’s a method to the “madness” of skill shooter games and a degree of predictability. Developers of popular fish table games published their theoretical returns, so before diving deeper into the odds and payouts, let’s have a quick look at RTPs of trendy fish titles:

  • Emily’s Treasure ≈ 96.55% RTP
  • Ocean Princess ≈ 96.74% RTP
  • Fishing Kingdom ≈ 96.02% RTP
  • Golden Dragon ≈ 96% RTP
  • The Deep Monster ≈ 96% RTP
  • King Octopus ≈ 96% RTP

RTP scores of fish shooter games are only approximations since the player’s skill ultimately decides the outcome. We should also briefly discuss fish table game payouts since understanding this concept is crucial to forming a viable strategy.

Similar to casino-style games, each “fish” represents a symbol. However, you are not required to line up multiple fish to achieve a win – shooting a single fish until it is down will reward you with a prize.

Modern fish skill games can feature upward of a dozen unique enemy types, such as mermaids, octopi, crabs, sea dragons, puffer fish, sharks, schools of smaller fish, and more. As a rule of thumb, the larger the enemy, the more coins you’ll need to “shoot” to bring them down, but the greater the rewards will be.

Special Features

Fish skill shooters wouldn’t be as popular if they didn’t bring something unique to the table. Here we will touch on some of the most innovative features that are present in modern fish table games, such as:


  • Multipliers – if you capture multiple monsters in a short period without missing your shots, you will earn progressive multipliers on your prizes.
  • Auto-attack – similar to auto-spins, this feature will set your weapon in auto-firing mode. The most notable benefit of this function is that you’ll always be shooting at the fastest possible rate.
  • Win Boosters – the closest mechanic a fish game can have to casino-style “wilds”. Earn increased rewards for each catch while this feature is active.
  • Lock Attack – only some fish table games have this feature. It effectively bypasses the rule of shot collision, allowing you to target specific enemies regardless of which monsters are in the way.
  • Weapon Arsenal – while older fish games simply increase the weapon’s damage at higher wagers, recent titles are going a step further by introducing unique shot effects, such as piercing ammunition and laser beams that bounce off the screen.

How to Play Fish Table Games at Sweepstakes Casinos

Create An Account

You can play these shooting titles at several fish table gambling sites. You only need to choose a reliable sweepstakes casino that supports fish table games and set up an account using our safe links. We at SweepsKings have created a comprehensive guide to playing fish shooters, so simply follow these instructions to get started:

  • Learn more about fish sweepstakes casinos from our guides and reviews, and choose a platform that suits your preferences.
  • By using our exclusive links, you will be able to safely register an account with your chosen sweeps casino and even grab exclusive offers where available.
  • Fill out the registration form by providing your email and creating a strong password. As illustrated above you can instantly register at certain sweeps platforms using existing Google or Facebook credentials.
  • Open the “Bonuses” or “Promotions” page in the casino to claim all free bonuses. These typically include no deposit promotions like sign-up bonuses, AMOE, and first purchase bonuses.
  • Real money purchases are always optional at legit online sweepstakes casinos, but if you want, you can purchase additional in-game currency from the casino’s store. SweepsKings keeps the list of exclusive first purchase links and promo codes updated, so make sure to check it out.

Fish Table Games Free Play

US sweepstakes casinos typically feature two playing modes – the “free play” mode and the “promotional” mode.

In the free play mode, you will be using gold coins. Sweepstakes casinos always award some GCs for free upon registration, and they don’t have any monetary value, so feel free to enjoy your fish games to your heart’s content.

Once the “promotional mode” is activated, you will switch from using gold coins to sweeps or sweepstakes coins. The majority of our recommended sweeps platforms offer some free sweeps coins upon registration along with several bonuses that you can use to collect more. Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign in to your chosen sweepstakes casino’s platform.
  2. Check if Gold Coins are currently being used; if not, tap the wallet balance or use the slider to start using gold coins as wagers.
  3. Go to the games lobby to preview all available titles.
  4. Choose the game you wish to play.
  5. Select your wager size and start playing.

To elaborate on the “change currency” feature, the currently active mode, or the “active currency”, is typically highlighted in your virtual wallet, as illustrated below by using TaoFortune’s wallet as an example. You can easily activate the second mode by tapping the slider next to the wallet.

Tao Coins Mode

Fish Table Games Real Money

Sweeps Casino Wallet

You can’t bet or withdraw real money at fish table sweepstakes casinos, but you can earn, wager, and redeem sweeps coins.

They hold monetary value, but they’re considered “bonus funds” until all the bonus rules have been met. Typically, you will need to wager your sweeps coins at least once and accumulate enough currency (usually 50-100 SC) to make a redemption.

Just like you’d switch from using sweeps to gold coins, you can revert to using sweepstakes coins by tapping the wallet/slider. With the promotional mode active, just play your favorite games, and you’ll gradually make playthrough (rollover) progress.

Every sweeps coin you wager becomes a “redeemable” coin. When you accumulate enough redeemable coins, you can request a real cash prize via the “Redeem” button by using your chosen payment medium. Note that this will only be possible after you’ve verified your account by passing a know-your-customer (KYC) check.

Supported Payment Methods

WOW Vegas Casino

Sweeps coin redemptions at legit fish table casinos are possible with mainstream banking methods like Trustly, Skrill, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and various online banking systems.

However, it’s important to note that not all sweeps casinos support all of the aforementioned payment methods. You can check which systems are available by opening the coin store or the redemption page, provided that your account is verified.

If you’re new to the sweepstakes space, we help you learn more about some of the most popular supported payment methods at fish games casinos:

  • PayPal: widely recognized as one of the safest payment processing systems. Using PayPal doesn’t reveal your banking details to the casino, and the process is usually quick. One of the best sweeps casinos with fish games that support PayPal is Funrize.
  • Skrill: this payment method rose to prominence with streamlined one-touch payments, optimal security, and good conversion rates. Fortune Coins is an ideal fish table game casino that supports this option.
  • Trustly: with a track record of over 15 years, Trustly offers encrypted payments and speedy transactions. Moreover, it’s accepted on a variety of fish game sweeps platforms, such as Funrize, TaoFortune, NoLimitCoins, and more.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: fast and convenient, cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, and Discover are a popular option among fish game enthusiasts. Virtually all sweeps casinos that have fish games support mainstream credit cards.
  • CashApp: powered by Square, CashApp is a trendy P2P payment service valued for its rapid transaction process. It’s a preferred payment method for mobile gamers and is available at Scrooge Casino and a selection of dodgy fish casinos like Riversweeps and BitBetWin.

Free Play Bonuses - Play Fish Games No Deposit

100,000 Free Gold Coins + 50% Super Coins Match
  • Fish games
  • User-friendly site
  • Regular bonuses
10 SC & 100,000 GC on Sign Up
  • Massive welcome bonus
  • 600+ games
  • Fish tables
630,000 Gold Coins + 1400 Fortune Coins
  • 10+ fish games
  • Progressive jackpots
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FREE 400,000 Coins and 1000 Entries
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  • Fish Games
  • Outstanding UI
128,000 Tao Coins No Deposit + 50% Purchase Match
  • Referral bonus
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  • Slots and skill games
125,000 Fun Coins No Purchase
  • Hefty free bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Owned by A1
250,000 Gold Coins on Sign Up
  • Fish tables
  • Variety of slots
  • 20+ jackpots
Sweepstakes CasinoNo Deposit Bonus
Fortune Coins630,000 Gold Coins + 1,400 Fortune Coins
FunrizeFREE 400,000 Coins and 1000 Entries
NoLimitCoins Casino100,000 Gold Coins
TaoFortune128,000 Tao Coins
ZitoBox500 Gold Coins + 100 Zito Points
Scrooge Casino150,000 Gold Coins + 250 sweeps Tokens

With the growing popularity of fish table games, more and more social casinos are bringing these titles to their platforms, allowing you to play the best games like Emily’s Treasure or Fishing Kingdom for free. Above you’ll see a list of the most popular sweepstakes casinos that offer abundant free play bonuses you can use to enjoy fish table games without spending your own money.

No deposit bonuses at fish game casinos are straightforward. Just pick a casino you’d like to play in, register a free account, and you’ll automatically receive the advertised bonus.

We recommend checking the bonus rules of your chosen casino to see if you need to verify your profile before receiving the no deposit bonus (and learn about other terms that you’ll need to know regarding sweeps coin redemptions).

Compatibility Aspect – Mobile Fish Table Games and Apps

Fish table games are emulations of fish-shooting arcade machines, so is it possible to emulate an emulation? Fortunately for players who prefer gaming on mobile, sweepstakes casinos with native iOS and Android apps, as well as mobile-optimized platforms, now allow players to enjoy fish shooters from their smartphones.

Compatibility-wise, the games will “work” on your phone, but certain titles might feel a bit cramped. Since the majority of popular fish shooters are meant to be played on larger screens (mainly so that you can have an overview of all enemies and your shooting trajectory), we recommend playing fish table games on either a desktop machine or at least a tablet.

Fish Table Game Strategies: 10 Winning Tips

  • Demo as many fish games as you can with gold coins before using sweeps coins. Each title has at least a few unique features and vastly different enemies that you’ll need to be prepared for when wagering your sweepstakes currency.
  • Find your favorite game and stick to it. Test the HP of each enemy with the smallest wagers, and gradually increase the coin size; observe how much ammo you need for different fish. We recommend Emily’s Treasure because it offers a good balance between exciting gameplay, good payouts, and great bonus features.
  • Fish shooters are played at a rapid pace. One shot is equal to one spin, so always be mindful of how many coins you’re spending on your ammunition.
  • Some enemies are just not worth your coins. If you run out of ammo or a big fish leaves the screen before you capture it, all the coins you’ve used will be wasted. Prioritize targets that you are 100% sure you can bring down.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with larger weapons. In fish shooters, the TTC (time-to-capture) is more important than the actual damage of your turrets since all enemies will eventually leave the screen if not captured in time.
  • Similarly, don’t be intimidated by bosses and big enemies. You can ignore them if you want, but they typically yield upwards of 1,000x of your bet. A good strategy involves stocking up on coins by “farming” small fish until you’re ready to double down on ammo for the largest monsters.
  • Don’t forget that multipliers are awarded for each catch as long as you’re not missing your shots. This means that even the smallest fish can net you big wins if you succeed in bringing down a lot in quick succession.
  • The best way to bring down bosses, jackpot holders, and other special symbols is to combine auto-fire and auto-lock features. Test them with gold coins and memorize how much time it takes to capture larger enemies with different coin sizes.
  • Learn how each unique feature of your chosen game works. Some fish games have special weapon effects, ammo boosters, instant-capture symbols, and various boons that greatly affect the gameplay. Mermaid Hunter, for instance, also features bonuses on demand, which you should save until you’re facing stronger enemies.
  • Lastly, join competitive lobbies once you’ve polished your skills for a chance to win massive prizes.

Pros and Cons of Playing Fish Table Games


  • Unique action-packed gameplay
  • Each game has different enemies, weapons, and effects
  • Lower risk due to its skill-based nature
  • Can be played single-player or in PVP competitive lobbies
  • Higher average RTP compared to other popular casino-style games


  • Steep learning curve
  • Not available in all sweepstakes casinos
  • A solid bankroll management plan is required
  • It can be difficult to memorize all the unique features

Are Fish Gambling Games Fair?

Even though social and sweepstakes casinos are mostly unregulated in the US, many platforms work with licensed i-gaming vendors like Pragmatic, KA Gaming, NetGame, and Blazesoft who specialize in provably fair slots and fish games.

Odds aside, it’s important to remember that understanding all the rules of fish games is a prerequisite to winning. For example, it’s easy for players who struggle to hold the reins over their bankrolls to dub fish table games “rigged”, not knowing that they’re spending far too many coins auto-shooting enemies that are impossible to capture with unupgraded weapons.


Are fish gambling games legal in the US?

Fish table games, shooters, and slots are legal in legitimate social casinos that abide by the US sweepstakes rules and laws like Funrize, Fortune Coins, or NoLimitCoins.

How to win at fish table games?

The best way to win at fish shooters is to focus on accurately capturing as many targets in quick succession to maximize win multipliers. Grabbing any available bonuses like free ammo and instant fish capture symbols is also recommended.

Where to play fish shooters?

Fish table games from reputable i-gaming vendors like KA Gaming are available in several trustworthy social casinos with cash prizes, such as Fortune Coins, ZitoBox, Scrooge, NoLimitCoins Casino, and Tao Fortune.

Which are the most popular fish table games?

Emily’s Treasure is currently the trendiest fish shooter, followed by Fishing Kingdom, Thunder Fishing, and Mermaid Hunter, all of which are high-RTP games available in legit US sweepstakes casinos.
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Jon has been playing slots for 20+ years, he’s seen all of the trends from classic fruit machines to Megaways to tumbling reels to Hold & Win. Jon has spent extensive time working in the slot industry and uses his expert knowledge to produce engaging and highly informative reviews. He is also a sweepstakes casino bonus guru, and if you follow his tips, you’ll have more free sweeps coins than you’ll know what to do with!
Jon has been playing slots for 20+ years, he’s seen all of the trends from classic fruit machines to Megaways to tumbling reels to Hold & Win. Jon has spent extensive time working in the slot industry and uses his expert knowledge to produce engaging and highly informative reviews. He is also a sweepstakes casino bonus guru, and if you follow his tips, you’ll have more free sweeps coins than you’ll know what to do with!