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3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin

3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin Summary
Launched in2023
ThemeAncient Egyptian Mythology
Bet Levels0.1 - 25 SC
Max Win/Jackpot1,500x
Bonus FeaturesBonus Game, Gamble
AvailabilityFortune Coins
Similar GamesSunny Coin 1 & 2, Ruby Win, Olympus of 3x3 Hell Spin

3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin Slot Review

3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin is a video slot set in an Ancient Egyptian setting, boasting simple yet eye-catching graphics and remarkably simple gameplay mechanics. Gamzix released it in early 2023, and it quickly became one of the trendiest titles among casual sweepstakes casino gamers.

Regarding its main specs, 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot is played on a 3×3 grid, featuring 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 fixed paylines. Its return to player (RTP) is slightly above average at 96.1% while its volatility has been rated medium 3/5 by Gamzix’s developers.

With a betting range of 0.1 to 25 sweeps coins, it’s an excellent slot game for low rollers, but it’s not too bad of an option for more serious players either since it boasts a max win potential of a whopping 1,500x.

The Bonus Sun round makes this game different from your average “Hold & Link” type of game, yet this innovative twist is present in a variety of Gamzix games, such as Olympus Of Luck, Coin Win, Juicy Win, Fruit Story, Patrick’s Coin, Ruby Win, and many others.

3x3 Egypt Slot

3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot is available for free play and sweeps play at Fortune Coins, so use our secure links to test it yourself. Meanwhile, we at SweepsKings have prepared a comprehensive review that dives deep into the draws and flaws of this trendy video slot. Consult the table below for a quick summary:


  • Beginner-friendly rules
  • Moderate volatility
  • Above-average 96.1% RTP score
  • Players have the upper hand whenever they use the “Gamble” feature
  • Potentially high payouts in the base game


  • The top win potential can’t compare with dedicated jackpot slots
  • Only two special features

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About 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin: Game Overview

3x3 Egypt Slot Rules

3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot is one of the newest slots by a relatively new i-gaming developer Gamzix. This slot vendor was founded in 2020 and has already made 50+ games, many of which share the same core mechanics with 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin.

When it comes to Ancient Egyptian Mythology slots like Book of Ra or Gates of Luxor, you can expect a range of artifacts like golden scarabs, ankhs of immortality, and pharaoh busts to be part of the symbols you can encounter. In 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot, you’ll see all of them and more, but they’re “basic” symbols that pay a flat prize.

That ties into the core concept of 3×3 slot gameplay – there are only 5 active paylines, and only combinations of 3-of-a-kind are considered a win. This applies to all symbols excluding sun symbols.

The first game with 3×3 Hold The Spin mechanic Gamzix ever released is called “GG Coin”, which is considerably more versatile, featuring four jackpots, Bonus Buy, free spin scatters, wilds, and scatter enhancers (More Bonus +25%). In terms of visuals, it was built in the world of a popular e-sports MOBA game Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2).

3X3 Egypt GG Coin

More recently, the developer added a few more titles to its Hold The Spin franchise, including the second iteration of its popular Sunny Coin, as well as Ruby Win, Patrick’s Gold, Japanese Coin, Fruit Story, Juicy Win, Coin Win, and Olympus of Luck.

Swerving back to 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin, Gamzix went with a simpler approach. The RTP of 3×3 games is usually slightly lower than the industry’s average because there are no wilds, scatters, or 2-symbol wins. However, the sun symbol Bonus Game in 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin and the fact that only 10 symbols are included in the base game helped its RTP soar to an impressive 96.1%.

3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin Slot Information

The structure of 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot is quite straightforward. There are only 3 reels and 3 rows; you win if any horizontal or diagonal row is filled with the same symbol, meaning that there are five fixed paylines at all times.

3X3 Egypt Lines

Now, let’s get you acquainted with Ancient Egyptian symbols you’ll be drawing in 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot. Excluding the sun symbol, there are nine 9 paying symbols, including four geometric shapes (square, triangle, diamond, and circle), and five “relics” (crown, eye, ankh, scarab, and pharaoh bust):

Paytable And Symbols

The paytable above illustrates potential winnings using a 1 SC wager. In other words, drawing the following combinations will net you the following prizes:

  • Purple Squares refund 50% of your bet;
  • Diamonds, Triangles, and Circles give a 2x prize;
  • Crowns and Eyes give a 8x prize;
  • Ankhs award a 10x prize;
  • Scarabs give a 15x prize;
  • Pharaohs give a 25x prize.

In 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin, the betting range spans from 0.10 to 25 SC per spin. Available wagering options rise in:

  • Increments of 0.10 from 0.10 to 1 SC;
  • Increments of 0.20 from 1 to 2 SC;
  • Increments of 0.50 from 2 to 5 SC;
  • Increments of 1 from 5 to 10 SC;
  • Increments of 2 from 10 to 20 SC while 25 SC is the highest option.

You can adjust your bet size by tapping the “Coins” icon just below the “Spin” button, as illustrated below:

3X3 Egypt Bet

Knowing all the rules, paylines, and symbols, you are now ready to start playing 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin. You can demo this game with no registration required on the SweepsKings official website, or test it using gold coins before diving into sweeps play at Fortune Coins.

To optimize your chances of winning, read our full 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin review; in the following sections, we’ll discuss its bonus mechanics, volatility, and return-to-player score, as well as give it a 200-spin test.

3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin Slot Features

This Gamzix slot has only two special features – the Bonus Game triggered by sun symbols, and the “Gamble” feature, which becomes available after you score any winnings.

Bonus Game

3x3 Egypt Bonus Game

The highest payouts in 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin are most likely to come during its Bonus Game.

Sun is the central “figure” in Ancient Egyptian mythology, revered as a live-giver and ultimately embodied in various deities like Ra. It’s no wonder that they’re also the focal point in this Gamzix game, so keep a lookout on the central reel, as this is the only place where they can appear.

When drawn, sun symbols will have fixed prizes attached to them, which you’ll reap as soon as the entire reel is filled; consequentially, this will also trigger the Bonus Game, awarding you 3 refillable respins.

Upon triggering the Bonus Game, the three sun symbols in the central reel will become sticky, and only the left and right reels will spin again. It’s important to note that only sun symbols are drawn during the Bonus Game. However, some will have prizes attached to them while others will be “blanks”.

3 Respins

Only the central reel sun symbols are sticky. Whenever you draw a new sun with a prize, the total prizes attached to all suns will be added to your winning pool. The game is over either when you run out of respins or when the full table is filled with sun symbols, netting you the top win of 1,500x.

Gamble Feature

3X3 Egypt Gamble

The “Gamble” feature allows you to stake any winnings for a chance of multiplying them by up to 10x. In a nutshell, you get to choose one of the four cards, and if it’s higher than the dealer’s card (left), you win one round. You can then proceed to gamble again, or cash out with the increased prize.

The gamble feature is only available when you score a win; both winnings achieved throughout the base game and from the Bonus Game count. A golden deck of cards will be shown when you can use the Gamble feature, as illustrated below:

Hold The Spin

There are a few twists that make 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin’s Gamble feature a bit different. Namely, jokers are included as instant-win cards, and the dealer’s card is always drawn face-up, allowing you to back out if the odds are stacked against you.

Let’s explain the basics:

3X3 Egypt Basics

  • Current Prize (White): this indicates the winnings you are currently staking;
  • Possible To Win (Yellow): this indicates the prize you will get if you win the round;
  • Dealer Card (Blue): The dealer’s card is always revealed; your goal is to draw a card higher than the dealer’s;
  • Your Cards (Red): choose one of the four face-down cards to start gambling;
  • Cash Out (Green): if you don’t want to gamble anymore or feel that the dealer’s card is too high, you can always tap the piggybank icon to cash out your current winnings.

Game Specs: RTP & Volatility

3X3 Egypt Info

Gamzix has dubbed its 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin a “medium volatility” slot, rating it 3 out of 5 stars in this field. This is a breath of fresh air in the realm of 3×3 games since most of them are highly, if not “extremely” volatile, characterized by rare but huge wins.

With this video slot, an average experience is a mixed bag of minor wins from square symbols, good prizes from other minor and the lowest major symbols, sizable winnings from the highest major symbols, and sky-high rewards from the bonus game. The possibility to gamble any earnings spices things up a bit, but the option to back out is always there and barely affects the game’s volatility.

On the matter of RTP (return-to-player), 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot has a 96.1% theoretical score, meaning that this slot is supposed to give you 96.1 SCs back for every 100 SCs wagered. This, however, is measured over hundreds if not thousands of spins, so you can still lose everything if you’re on a stubbornly cold streak or win big if you’re lucky.

200 Spins Test of 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin

To conduct an unbiased, objective review of 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin, I played this game in demo mode directly from Gamzix’s official website. After 200 spins, I felt confident that I’ve tested everything this game has to offer and want to share my findings with you.

3X3 Egypt Spin Test

Gamzix is giving 500,000 tokens (refillable by reloading the page) to ensure that you can demo this game indefinitely. I set the wagering range to 1 SC so that you can easily understand how much I won (or lost) throughout the testing phase.

The first 50 spins were fairly uneventful, with sporadic minor wins and an occasional sun passing by.

3X3 Egypt Gameplay

Around my 91st spin, I finally hit the three sun symbols and triggered the Bonus Game. Meanwhile, I was kept afloat with numerous smaller wins, but I also had to gamble a few rounds to keep my balance in the black.

3x3 Egypt Suns

The suns instantly gave me 11 SCs, and even though I wasn’t too thrilled with the 2-3-6 SC prizes attached to them, I managed to win 48 SC while betting a single coin.

3X3 Egypt Total Win

The Bonus Round winnings were enough to get me back to where I started. Throughout the next 50 spins, I managed to draw a combination of Ankhs, giving me a hefty boost of 20 SC, as well as several minor wins; in total, I lost 17 SC while wagering 150 SCs.

I had very little luck with the last 50 spins, most of which ended up being either empty or minor wins.

The final “score” of my 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin test resulted in a loss of 52 SC, but on the upside, I wagered over 200 SC. If I had the same results while playing it at Fortune Coins, I’d easily reach the minimum SC redemption threshold even with the first 100 spins, so I can only conclude that both its RTP and volatility scores check out.

3X3 Egypt Symbols

Our Experts Verdict and Ratings

I’d describe 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin as a modern game with retro graphics and mechanics with several pro-player twists. I love the fact that its Gamble Feature can be extensively used to amplify small winnings and that the Bonus Game is exceptionally generous, though less frequent than I’d hoped.

Even though there are hundreds of Egypt-themed slots around with more complex mechanics and more abundant bonus features, I loved the simplicity of 3×3 Egypt: Hold The Spin. It’s an excellent game for casuals and beginner players, not to mention that it’s among the best slots you can play at sweepstakes casinos due to its medium volatility and decent RTP.

3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin Ratings/CategoriesRankingsOur Thoughts
Theme (Symbols, Music, Engagement)81%The music is good, and the symbols are easy to memorize, but it’s not overly engaging until the suns drop to the central reel.
Gameplay (Reel Structure, Bet Levels, UX)90%Beginner-friendly gameplay and interface; highly versatile betting range, and a simplistic reel structure.
Metrics (RTP, Volatility, Max Win)83%The top win is good for a non-jackpot slot; RTP is barely above the average, but the medium volatility makes it perfect for clearing sweeps wagering requirements.
Bonus Features (Trigger Frequency, Payouts, Action)80%Fairly low bonus game triggering frequency, but it pays out handsomely; the Gamble feature gives the player an advantage.
Mobile Compatibility (Orientation, Display, Graphics)94%Due to its small interface and playing grid, it’s ideal for mobile play.


Who made 3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin?

3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin was made by Gamzix, a relatively young i-gaming studio launched in 2020 and owned by Gamzix Technology OU.

What kind of game is 3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin?

Gamzix 3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin is a video slot with 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 fixed paylines.

Can you get free spins on 3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot?

The 3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot features a Bonus Game with refillable respins, but it does not have a classic free spin round triggerable via scatters.

What is the RTP and volatility of 3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin?

3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin is a medium volatility video slot with a theoretical 96.1% RTP score.

What is the top win of 3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin slot?

The largest amount of coins players can earn with any spin in 3x3 Egypt: Hold The Spin is 1,500x.
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Damjan puts his SEO skills and excellent writing abilities on show day in and day out at SweepsKings. He produces impressive strategy content that significantly increases your win rate and turns even the unluckiest sweepstakes casino player into a winner. Damjan also plays a key role in coming up with fresh content ideas and keeps SweepsKings powering along.