Sweepstakes Casino Complaints: SweepsKings Can Help with Your Case

Sweepstakes Casino Complaints: SweepsKings Can Help with Your Case

As independent casino experts, we at SweepsKings have earned the trust of some of the leading sweepstakes casinos in the industry. Our team is diligently working on ensuring our players are gaming in safe, comfortable environments.

If you’ve experienced an issue at a sweepstakes casino platform we reviewed or recommended, you can submit a complaint to our team below.

Besides assisting with problems at casinos we partnered with, the SweepsKings support team is available 24/7 to help you regardless of which sweepstakes platform you are on. We believe that all players have the right to be well-informed and have an enjoyable i-gaming experience, therefore we offer free assistance around the clock.

How to File a Casino Complaint at SweepsKings

Our sweepstakes casino support team is actively addressing all complaints we receive. However, we require certain information from you before we can begin processing a complaint, which includes the following:

    • Sweepstakes casino username

    • The email address you used to register a profile

    • Detailed description of the issue

    • Screenshots and/or any other evidence that further clarifies the problem

    • Proof that you attempted to fix the issue (e.g. by contacting the casino’s support team)

The information you provide is fully confidential. We require this data to better grasp the problem and devise an efficient solution.

How SweepsKings Casino Complaints Work

In a bid to make the sweepstakes casino space more enjoyable for everyone, the SweepsKings team is taking proactive measures to ensure players have an expert to rely on at all times.

We do this by contacting sweepstakes casinos where alleged issues arose, collaborating with their support teams, blacklisting uncooperative platforms, and providing guidance to players every step of the way.

As soon as we’ve verified a sweepstakes casino complaint, we take the following steps:

    • Our team will contact the representative of a sweepstakes casino underlined in the complaint. Since we partnered with some of the most prominent sweeps platforms, we have direct contact with their support teams and typically resolve all issues within hours.

    • If you’ve experienced a problem with any other sweepstakes platform, we will contact their support team and offer collaboration in addressing the issue.

    • Uncooperative sweepstakes casinos are added to the official SweepsKings blacklist. To preserve their reputation, most casinos we’ve contacted offer collaboration.

The SweepsKings team will offer you support throughout the entire process until the issue is resolved.

Most Common Complaints We Receive

The majority of complaints we receive do not pertain to breaches in the casino’s code of conduct. Rather, players often misinterpret or don’t read the terms and conditions, which often leads to complications.

However, there are several common issues that we’ve been addressing at sweepstakes casinos, including:

    • Unhelpful or unavailable customer support. This is a major red flag that typically results in us blacklisting the casino.

    • Advertised bonuses are smaller or not available. If you are eligible for a promised bonus but never received it, you can contact the customer support of the casino; if they are not willing to cooperate, we can contact them on your behalf.

    • Advertised games are not available or have significantly lower payout rates than they should. Sadly, rigged and pirated games are present in certain sweepstakes casinos. We blacklist such without exceptions.

What Comes Next?

After you file your sweepstakes casino complaint, our team will process it as soon as possible. Bear in mind that we can only proceed with concrete actions if you’ve submitted all requested information.

As soon as the complaint has been verified, we will take all necessary actions to ensure the issue is fixed. We will contact you as soon as the problem has been resolved, but feel free to contact our team at any time for updates.