Terms and Conditions of the Services Provided at Sweepskings.com

Terms and Conditions of the Services Provided at Sweepskings.com

Welcome to Sweepskings.com, referred to as “we,” ‘us,” “site,” “website,” and the “company” in this agreement. Apps4 Web Media LTD owns and operates the site and is situated in the United Kingdom with additional offices in the US.

We created this page to inform users referred to as “you” or “your” about our terms and use. We recommend that you go through the entire content carefully to avoid problems.

If you go ahead and access this website, it is confirmation that you accept and will follow our terms of service provided in this agreement.

Acceptance and Alteration of the Agreement

If any of our terms or conditions of agreement are not in line with your needs, we recommend you cease using the website and associated services.

We may frequently review the agreement, and changes will be implemented 14 days after publishing or earlier as required by applicable regulations, laws, or directives. Note that continuing to use this site and its services during this period means that you accept the changes to the agreement.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are up to speed with the updated terms and conditions of the agreement. To this end, we recommend frequently visiting the terms and conditions page.

Per our discretion, we may suspend or terminate the use of this website and its services at any moment. This could be for any reason, including a breach of agreement from your end without any financial compensation.

Use of the Site and Services

You can only use the site and services if you are at least 18 or above the age where the website and services are legal in your jurisdiction. Therefore, this site and its materials are not targeted at you if you have not reached the legal age. In this case, you must stop accessing the platform and its associated services.

The Services

This platform provides information about sweepstakes casinos and games. The site, alongside its services, is for free and for informational purposes only. SweepsKings is not a sweepstakes casino or sports betting site, nor does it directly accept any deposits or wagers. We occasionally receive compensation if you enter advertised through our links and make purchases.

Intellectual Property Rights

The company, alongside its affiliates, has full ownership of all data, software, content, videos, texts, and other materials available on the website through its content.

The content on the site is copyright protected, and by accessing it, you acknowledge that you get no rights to the site content and trademark. You can only use them in accordance with the agreement, and distribution, copying, or alteration of our content can only be done with our written permission.

User Content

We may authorize you to upload, transmit, post, email, or provide text, software, music, data, videos, and images on the site. This could be through chat functionalities or online discussion forms.

However, you’ll be responsible for your content if you choose to do this. SweepsKings or our affiliates will bear no liability in the event of legal problems that may arise from the content you post.

By providing User Content, you give the company and its affiliates express permission to copy, reproduce, alter, edit, and translate them in any manner. Moreover, you agree to waive any moral rights to the content.

You shall always be polite to other users and visitors when providing User Content. SweepsKings reserves the right to delete content that may be constructed as harassing, aggressive, hateful, offensive, racist, or as the case may be.

Third-Party Content

There may be links to other websites, services, or products available on this website. These hyperlinks are operated by other entities and should be used for references only. While we try to provide links from only reliable sources, it is not a sign that we endorse them. This relates to the quality of products and the accuracy of information available on these platforms. It is your duty to determine how far you go with using the content, and this is at your own risk.

Prohibited Activities

By accessing this site or using its services, you agree to and not allow others:

    • Access or collect identifiable information of visitors or other users on the site.

    • Use the platform or its services for any illegal activities.

    • Publish, copy, redistribute, alter, modify, translate, or access the source code to create another.

    • Collect any information or data through the website or use any spider, robot, or similar means to access the platform.

    • Modify, copy, lease, perform, reproduce, license, transfer, or sell any Site content, user content, or trademarks.

    • Misinterpret or impersonate your relationship with any entity or individual.

    • Embark on any action that will cause harm to the company, its affiliate, or the reputation and goodwill of the site.

Responsible Social Gaming and Addiction Protocols

SweepsKings believes in responsible social gameplay and encourages users to do so. To this end, we provide information on gambling addiction, how to address it, and outlets to get help. If you or a loved one is dealing with a gaming problem, we recommend you or the individual get help from specialists.

If you or anyone you know needs help, you can use our RSG resources alongside the helpline numbers. However, regardless of the measures we have in place, we won’t be accountable for any repercussions that may arise from your personal choices.

Termination of the Agreement

We may terminate the agreement alongside your access to the website and its services without notice or financial compensation for the following reasons.

  • If we decide to stop providing the site or services completely or to you
  • If you breach any of the terms of service
  • If you use the site or its services in a manner that isn’t proper
  • If we find any other justifiable grounds

Feedback and Suggestions

We value your feedback as it influences our website’s future. In the event of concerns, comments, or anything important, please contact us. Sweep Kings continuously strives to improve our website, services, and content for our audience. If you need to contact us, use the form below.