Plinko Review & Guide

Plinko Review & Guide

The roots of the Plinko game date back to 1983 when it made its debut in a popular TV Show “The Price Is Right”. The concept is simple – a ball is dropped onto the playing field, bounces off the pegs, and lands in one of the prize fields.

Not many online casinos realized just how popular this game is among US players, but fortunately, sweepstakes casinos did. You can enjoy this game for free and play for real cash prizes at several sites like or Sweeptastic and win upwards of 1,000x of your wager, or thrice as much if you’re playing Hacksaw’s Plinko.

Before you jump into action, we at SweepsKings would like to help you learn how Plinko works so you can come up with a personalized strategy.

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About Plinko Crypto Game

ProviderBGaming, Hacksaw, Betsoft, Belatra, GameArt, Gaming Corps, Relax Gaming, Spribe
RTP96.27 - 98.98%
VolatilityLow to High
Max WinFrom 1,000x to 3,843x
FeaturesMultiplier-based wins, 8-16 lines, selectable volatility
Betting RangeTypically 1-100 coins
Game HighlightsConfigurable rows, guaranteed wins, fast-paced, provably fair
Best Plinko Sweepstakes, Sweeptastic,
Similar Crypto GamesMines, Towers, Rocket, Crash

The return-to-player score, max bet range, volatility, and top win of Plinko vary from one vendor to another, but the main rules are consistent across all modern variations of this game. You choose your wager, the ball trickles down the pegs, and you win based on where it lands.

Is Plinko Available to Play at US Online Casinos?

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0.21 Sweeps Coins + 1000 Gold Coins
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Only a handful of online casinos feature Plinko games, but most of these are dodgy crypto and offshore sites that we’ve tested and do not recommend.

However, Plinko games are available in US sweepstakes casinos. Simply register a free account at, Sweeptastic, or, and you’ll receive plenty of gold and sweepstakes coins that can be used on Plinko games.

  • this site has an original version of Plinko where you can win up to 1,000x of your wager. Simplistic graphics and an extremely flexible betting range are some of the unique points that make Stake Plinko different from the rest.
  • Sweeptastic: four unique Plinko games are available at Sweeptastic, including Betsoft’s Plinko Rush, and BGaming’s Easter Plinko, Plinko Classic, and Plinko XY.
  • similar to, LuckyBird rocks one Plinko game running on bespoke software.

How Plinko Works

Even though numerous unique versions of Plinko exist, virtually all of them share the same rule set.

I’ll use BGaming’s Classic Plinko to illustrate how its core features work but know that these concepts apply to all versions of this game.

1. Choose your bet size

Choose Bet Size

In Plinko, wagers are placed on balls individually. You can change the bet size from the lower bottom part of the screen, and once you tap “Play”, one ball will be dropped from the top.

2. Choose your Risk Level

Choose Risk Level

The “Risk Level” determines the size of all payouts and the game’s volatility. At low-risk settings, the minimum multiplier is 0.5x and the maximum 5.6x.

3. Choose how many lines you want to play

Choose Lists To Play

Balls are dropped from the hole at the top and slowly descend to the bottom by bouncing off one peg at a time. “Lines” in Plinko refer to how many rows of pegs you wish to play.

The pool of possible prizes will proportionally increase as you change the lines. The 8 is as low as you can go, and 16 is usually the maximum number of playable lines.

Beyond simply expanding the list of available prizes, lines also influence volatility. Namely, at lower levels the ball can only slightly change its course as it can only hit 8 pegs. At higher line settings, the ball can change trajectory multiple times.

4. Tap “Play” to get the balls rolling

Tap Play

Once you’ve finalized the settings, just tap “Play” to release one ball. You can click on this button multiple times to release additional balls at the same wager or adjust bet size and line levels at any time during the game. Each released ball will carry the wager that you paid when the “Play” button was pressed.

Special Features

Plinko games are made to be as simple as possible, and as such don’t have “Wilds” or “Scatters” like your average slots do. However, they have a few interesting features, such as betting history and auto-play, so let’s see how they work.

Bet History

Plinko Bet History

This feature helps you keep track of all the balls you’ve released in your Plinko session, how much you paid for each wager, which multiplier they hit, and how much you ultimately won for each bet.

The Bet History table is automatically updated whenever a new ball reaches the bottom and is available in all Plinko games I tested.

Manual and Autoplay

Manual And Autoplay

There are two selectable betting modes in all Plinko games. The “Manual” mode is the default playing mode in which one ball is released for each tap on the “Play” button. There’s a small (and deliberate) input lag that ensures you won’t accidentally click more times than you want to.

Simply tap “Auto” to enable autoplay. When this mode is selected, the game will release as many balls as you specified, slowly and one at a time so that you can stop at any time. The “Play” button will be replaced with the “Stop” button with an indicator of remaining autoplay balls.

Top Win

The highest amount of money you can win at Plinko games is universally set at 1,000x of the current wager – Hacksaw’s Plinko is the only exception I found and tested, as it offers up to 3,843x on the first and last holes.

Given that most Plinko titles support bets ranging from 1 to 100 coins, this means that you can potentially earn up to 100,000 coins in Regular Plinko, or 384,300 coins in Hacksaw’s Plinko.

Plinko Odds and Payouts

Odds And Payouts

Original Plinko games, including the one in “The Price Is Right”, feature paying fields and “duds” that simply eat your bet. Modern developers have made Plinko more pro-player by removing zeros from the field, guaranteeing you’ll win at least a fraction of your bet back.

The payouts in Plinko are expressed in percentages, which vary greatly based on how many lines and which volatility level is chosen. Moreover, payouts are different for each version; for example,’s original Plinko pays from 0.5x to 1,000x while Hacksaw’s Plinko pays from 0.3x to 3,843x.’s Plinko is the only version where odds are displayed on each multiplier, although all games utilize the same mathematical formulas.

In essence, the game is based on the Galton Probability Theory, which underscores that balls have an equal probability of bouncing left or right. Given that there are no “flanking” pegs on the edges of each line, the peg is guaranteed to bounce inward toward the middle, hence leftmost and rightmost multipliers have the lowest odds but the highest payouts.

The central multipliers are the lowest but have the highest probability of being triggered since the balls will eventually travel toward the middle whenever they touch the outer pegs.

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Best Plinko Games at Sweepstakes Casinos

Each iGaming manufacturer strived to add their unique touch to their versions of Plinko. In this section, we’ll review some of the best Plinko games you can play at crypto sweepstakes casinos, dissect how they work, and point out any unique elements they bring to the table.

B Gaming Plinko

BGaming’s Pinko (Classic)

We at SweepsKings believe that BGaming’s Classic Plinko is an ideal gateway for beginners as it intuitively covers the basics.

You’ll get to choose from 8 to 16 lines, select from three volatility levels, instantly preview your betting history as it updates in real time, and place wagers from 1 to 100 coins.

This version supports a top win of 1,000x, manual & autoplay modes, boasts an outstanding RTP score of 99%, and smooth visuals, setting the standard for all other Plinko variants we’re about to cover.

B Gaming Plinko X

BGaming’s Plinko XY

A crypto variant of the classic Plinko, BGaming’s Plinko XY was launched a year later. Gameplay-wise, it’s identical to the standard Plinko, featuring the same RTP of 99%, 1,000x top win, selectable lines and volatility levels, and the same multiplier scores.

Plinko Rush

Betsoft’s Plinko Rush

Our top recommendation for players on a cash-strapped budget is Betsoft’s Plinko Rush. Even though it supports a lower top win of just 888x, its bet range starts at 0.10 coins and goes up to 100, making it an ideal choice for low rollers.

Three volatility settings, selectable lines from 8 to 16, autoplay, and bet history – it’s got all the staple features of a classic Plinko. What sets it apart is that the balls descend the pegs much faster than average.

Hacksaw's Gaming Plinko

Hacksaw Gaming’s Plinko

I loved Hacksaw Gaming’s version of Plinko the most for two reasons. Firstly, this game generously guarantees to give you almost your entire wager back on low volatility, as its minimum multipliers start as high as 0.9x. At high volatility and 16 active lines, it offers almost 4x larger payouts compared to other Plinko games with a top win of 3,843x.

Similar to both BGaming’s versions, this game has an auto-updating bet history feature, but it’s not as intuitive or as visually pleasing as the ones we see in Plinko XY.

Pros and Cons

There are numerous reasons to love Plinko, but it’s not a game for everyone. Namely, the lack of bonuses and the repetitive gameplay may not have you at the edge of your seat as much as a jackpot slot would. However, Plinko’s RTP, guaranteed wins, and versatile settings are some of the many unique points we adore about this game.


  • All Plinko games have super-high RTPs
  • Three selectable volatility settings
  • Every play guarantees a win
  • Good average betting range from 1 to 100
  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly gameplay


  • No bonus symbols or mechanics
  • Very low probability for high wins
  • Repetitive by design

Steps to Play Plinko at Online Casinos

10,000 Gold Coins + 1 Stake Cash
  • Instant redemptions
  • Best VIP scheme
  • Live dealer games
30,000 Lucky Coins + 4 Sweeps Coins
  • Crypto & USD
  • 1100+ games
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0.21 Sweeps Coins + 1000 Gold Coins
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  • Global chat
2 SC + 10,000 GC, 20 Free Spins On Verification
  • Crypto support
  • Live casino
  • Original games
20,000 GC + 2 SC
  • 700+ games
  • Industry-leading welcome bonus
  • Powered by top providers
30,000 Gold Coins + 3 Moon Coins No Deposit
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  • Outstanding user experience
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Up to 1000 Gems No Deposit + 50% Bonus
  • Crypto and fiat
  • Massive bonuses
  • Highest user ratings

You can start playing Plinko at US sweepstakes casinos in minutes. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Use our list to find a sweepstakes casino you’re eligible to play in

2. Register a free account

3. Grab your welcome bonus

4. Log into your profile and go to games

5. Find “Plinko” in Arcades, Minigames, or by using the search bar

6. Set your wager, choose your risk level, and select how many lines you wish to play

7. Tap “Play” to drop the first ball

Is Plinko Safe and Fair?

Plinko is among the few “provably fair” games that are based on exact mathematical formulae, as opposed to slots and other games that rely on random number generator software (RNG).

All Plinko games, especially modern ones developed by top brands like Hacksaw, Betsoft, and BGaming are not only fair but also feature “safety nets” that give returns on every ball.

Ross Timmins

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When Ross Timmins isn’t playing at sweepstakes casinos and redeeming cash prizes, he’s writing about them. Ross is our master bonus hunter who continues to impress us with his uncanny ability to find the best promos out there. He also produces incredibly in-depth reviews, if a casino gets Ross’ thumbs up, it’s worth checking out!
When Ross Timmins isn’t playing at sweepstakes casinos and redeeming cash prizes, he’s writing about them. Ross is our master bonus hunter who continues to impress us with his uncanny ability to find the best promos out there. He also produces incredibly in-depth reviews, if a casino gets Ross’ thumbs up, it’s worth checking out!