What are Sweeps Coins?

What are Sweeps Coins?

Sweeps coins are the main draw of social casinos with cash prizes – a virtual currency that can be redeemed for real money (or gift cards). When playing with sweeps coins, even though you’re not playing for “real money” per se, tokens with monetary value are on the table.

It’s important to note that not all casinos refer to this currency as “sweeps coins”. For example, Fortune Coins calls them “Fortune Coins”; Stake.us calls it “Stake Cash”; Vegas Gems calls it “Gems”. In fact, most social casinos refer to sweeps coins as “promotional entries” in their T&Cs. No matter how they’re named, they all serve the same purpose, which is to enable players to play games for real cash prizes.

We’re here to help our players understand the concept of sweeps coins and promotional play at social and sweepstakes casinos, so let’s start from the top.

Sweeps vs Gold Coins

SC vs GC

Gold coins or “GCs” refer to the second type of virtual currency at sweepstakes casinos, or the only type of currency at “pure” social casinos (without cash prizes). They are meant to be used for entertainment purposes only, meaning they don’t hold any monetary value and cannot be redeemed.

Besides using them for fun, the merit of gold coins lies in testing games before putting your sweeps coins on the line. This is unnecessary at online casinos that allow players to demo their games, but many platforms don’t.

There’s a connection between gold coins and sweeps coins at the majority of sweepstakes casinos. Namely, sweeps coins can’t be bought directly, but some are usually gifted when you buy gold coin packs. Moreover, the vast majority of sweep platforms award both currencies as a sign-up bonus, so buying extra coins is unnecessary.

The main difference between gold coins and sweeps coins is that the latter is always considered “bonus funds”. This means that you’ll need to wager them the prescribed number of times (rollover) to make them redeemable and meet the minimum redemption threshold (usually 50-100 SCs) to finally claim your prize.

How to Switch to Sweeps Coins?

switch to sweeps coins toggle

The transition to swap from Gold Coins to Sweeps Coins is almost but not quite a seamless process, most of the popular sweepstakes casinos will use a highly visible “toggle button”, which allows you to swap from one currency to another.

If you are already playing a slot machine, the game has to reload to display the new currency you have chosen. While the options to change currencies are very easy, be mindful before playing of which mode you are currently playing in!

How to Get Free Sweeps Coins?

There are many ways to get additional free sweepstakes coins. Even though all sweepstakes casinos offer something different, most of these platforms feature bonuses, promotions, alternative modes of entry, social media contests, and similar ways for players to get some extra free coins.

As far as bonuses are concerned, these are the most common ways to get more free sweeps coins:

  • Welcome Bonus – free SCs are usually credited immediately after registration.
  • Mail-in Bonus – sometimes called the “alternative method of entry” or “AMOE”, it awards a flat amount of free sweeps coins to eligible players who send a handwritten postcard to the casino’s operator.
  • Refer-a-friend – send a referral link to your friends and enjoy free sweeps when they sign up.
  • First purchase bonus – an exclusive discount on select or all gold coin packages, usually offering huge savings.

And then there are promotions like slot races, challenges, tournaments, social media contests, and various other deals unique to each online casino. Although not all of them may offer free sweeps coins, it’s worth checking them out.

To ensure you’re getting the most virtual currency at reputable platforms, use our links to sign up with leading US sweepstakes casinos.

Sweeps Coins Applications

At all social casinos with real cash prizes, you’ll be able to choose which virtual currency you want to use and when. Both gold coins and sweeps coins are typically displayed on the lobby screen, and the currency that’s currently in use is highlighted. Here’s an example of what it looks like at WOW Vegas:

Since gold coins (Wow Coins) are currently in use, I can shift to using SCs by simply tapping the sweeps coins icon.

Sweepstakes coins are used in the same way you’d use real money at online casinos. You choose a game you want to play and select your wager. Instead of playing with cash, you’re wagering and potentially winning/losing a virtual currency that is technically worth real money.

That’s why SweepsKings experts recommend getting familiar with how your chosen sweepstakes casino works by using gold coins, or even better, demoing the games first.

Redeeming Sweeps Coins for Cash Prizes

Now that you know how sweepstakes coins work, let’s briefly talk about how you can convert sweeps coins into cash.

As we mentioned, sweepstakes coins are the equivalent of “bonus funds” at online casinos, meaning that you’ll need to meet all the bonus rules before your SCs can be redeemed for prizes. Here’s a quick overview of the most common bonus terms and conditions:

  • Wagering requirement – you’ll need to play through (wager) your sweeps at least once. Some sweepstakes casinos set the wagering limit slightly higher, but rarely above 5x. All sweeps coins won become “redeemable” and moved to a separate area in your eWallet.
  • Minimum redemption threshold – the minimum amount of redeemable coins that need to be in your balance before you can submit a redemption request. This limit is usually lower for gift cards (10-25 SCs) and higher for real cash or crypto prizes (50-100 SCs).
  • Eligibility requirement – players from unsupported states can sometimes play for gold coins but can’t redeem sweepstakes coins. Most sweepstakes casinos blacklist states where sweepstakes gaming is illegal, such as Washington, Idaho, and Michigan.

Once all of these terms are met, all you have to do is tap “Redeem”, which is usually located in the Wallet section if a standalone button isn’t included. Pass the know-your-customer (KYC) check, choose your preferred payment medium, provide your banking info, and select how many coins you wish to redeem.

Why Do Online Casinos Use Sweeps Coins?

All US sweepstakes casinos are required by law to follow certain rules. The most notable rule relates to ensuring that real money purchases are never required, meaning that players are receiving enough virtual currency from free bonuses and promotions.

Another important rule forbids sweepstakes casinos from outright “selling” sweepstakes coins or any “items of value”. In this regard, sweeps casinos are merely “sponsors” behind certain promotions that provide free sweeps coins as a gift via promotions, tournaments, and contests.

If you ever stumble upon a sweepstakes casino that requires you to pay a symbolic sum before you can receive any bonuses or free sweeps, steer clear of that platform.

Best Social Casinos with Sweeps Coins

Every sweepstakes casino strives to do something different to bring in new players and keep its account holders entertained. However, some do a better job than others, and we at SweepsKings have created a tried & tested system for evaluating the best sweepstakes casinos:

  1. Those are platforms run by reputable operators who’ve passed our transparency tests.
  2. Gaming-wise, the best sweeps casinos offer hundreds of games powered by top-tier vendors like Pragmatic and Hacksaw. Variety is equally important as quality, so we typically recommend platforms that cover slots, jackpots, megaways, feature spins, table games, and exclusives.
  3. In terms of banking, we primarily recommend platforms with an array of mainstream payment options, including but not limited to credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and online banking systems.
  4. The best online casinos have the best bonuses – they’re easy to claim and award an abundance of free virtual currency with minimal wagering requirements.

Check out our list of the best sweepstakes casinos and remember to use our links to quickly and safely register an account.

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Sweepstakes coins can be likened to “cash with extra steps”. All sweepstakes sites use them to circumvent certain issues in the US gaming space, but that shouldn’t worry you – they’re perfectly legal.

We’d like to conclude this guide with a few words of advice. Treat your sweeps like you’d treat your own money while playing. If you run out, be patient with daily refill bonuses and avoid overspending as much as you can. Fortunately, most legit sweeps casinos have responsible gaming tools that can help you with such matters.

If you’ve just entered the sweepstakes space, check out our other guides for more tips and tricks.

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Mike is SweepsKings’ SEO wizard and uses his skills to produce content that answers questions you haven’t even thought of yet! He personally fact-checks all articles posted on SweepsKings and leverages his vast iGaming marketing experience to keep the site feeling fresh.
Mike is SweepsKings’ SEO wizard and uses his skills to produce content that answers questions you haven’t even thought of yet! He personally fact-checks all articles posted on SweepsKings and leverages his vast iGaming marketing experience to keep the site feeling fresh.