Vegas Gems Bonus Codes 2024: Sign Up for Up to 1,000 Gems No Deposit
Up to 1000 Gems No Deposit + 50% Bonus
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Vegas Gems
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Vegas Gems Bonus Codes 2024: Sign Up for Up to 1,000 Gems No Deposit

Vegas Gems Casino made a reputation for having the potentially largest welcome bonus in the US sweepstakes space. Let me highlight “potentially” since you’ll be opening a Mystery Box and can receive anywhere from 1 to 1,000 gems.

If you want to mitigate the luck factor and get as much as you can from this sweepstakes casino, you can use the bonus code SWEEPSCASINO to earn up to 10 gems for free and unlock two exclusive offers – a 10% Gem Boost up to $100 and a 50% Gem Boost up to $20.

This sweepstakes casino has so much more to offer – from daily Mystery Box bonuses and decent AMOE promotions to the unique Bejeweled chests and rewards; SweepsKings’ casino experts have thoroughly tested Vegas Gems, and we’re here to bring you a full review of its bonus codes and active promotions. Here’s what you can expect:

Vegas Gems Bonuses
Vegas Gems Bonus CodeSWEEPSCASINO
New Player BonusUp to 1,000 Gems
No Deposit Bonus10 Gems
Welcome Bonus50% Gem Boost up to $20 / 10% boost up to $100
Mail-in Sweepstakes5-10 free Gems
Daily Login RewardsDaily Cases
VIP RewardsHas a Leaderboard system with free Gem & Shard rewards
Other Promotions for Existing PlayersBonus Rain
Validity CheckJune 2024

Intro to Vegas Gems No Deposit Bonus Code

Vegas Gems Bonus

The first thing we’d like to explain is that Vegas Gems offers a no deposit bonus chest even if you don’t use a code. All new players receive a Welcome Chest filled with up to 1,000 free gems upon registration while referral/promo codes reveal additional promotions.

Vegas Gems Welcome Chest

Since the contents of the bonus chests are randomly determined, it’s advisable to use our exclusive code SWEEPSCASINO to grab 10 free gems and unlock munificent exclusive Gem Boost deals.

Vegas Gems Boost

At Vegas Gems, Shards are the non-redeemable currency similar to gold coins in other sweepstakes casinos; by buying any Shard pack from the casino’s in-game store, you’ll get some free Gems as a reward, and the SWEEPSCASINO bonus code can greatly enhance the amount of free currency you can get on your deposits.

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How to Get the Vegas Gems Sign Up Bonus

Vegas Gems NDB bonus is a free Welcome Case that can yield up to 1,000 free gems once opened. You only need to register a free account with Vegas Gems, tap “Rewards” and go to “Promotions” to find it, as illustrated below:

Vegas Gems Rewards

Once you’re in the “Promotions” section, you will see a field titled “Referral or Promo Code”. This is where you will have to type in the Vegas Gems promo code SWEEPSCASINO (and select “Confirm”) to unlock the 10% Gem Boost and 50% Gem Boost.

Vegas Gems Promo Codes

If you’ve entered the right code, you will get a small notification saying “Referral code applied successfully”. Immediately upon bonus code activation, your Promotions section should look like this:

Vegas Gems Special Offer

Note that Vegas Gems Social Casino offers don’t activate automatically. You will need to select a Boost you want to use or a Chest you wish to open manually. Doing so with any of the Gem Boost vouchers will briefly introduce you to the bonus code rules, stating how much currency you can get, which payment methods are available, and more.

Deposit Boost

The process of activating chests is the same for daily, welcome, and bejeweled cases. Just tap on an unlocked case that you wish to open, and a new screen will open with hundreds of jewels and shards rolling on a reel, as illustrated below:

Vegas Gems Symbols

These diamonds are all representations of potential prizes. The Sign-up case will only give you one of them, which can range from 0.40 to 1,000 gems.

Vegas Gems Items

Take a look at the bar on the right titled “Items in the case” to see the precise values and drop rates of each. As far as the sign-up bonus is concerned, there are 12 potential prizes, including:

  • Gem Radiant, Diamond – 0.40 Gems, 43.4569% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Cushion, Diamond – 0.70 Gems, 25% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Losenge, Diamond – 1 Gem, 16% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Pear, Grandidierite – 1.50 Gems, 9.2% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Pear, Blue Diamond – 3.50 gems, 2.5% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Losenge, Blue Diamond – 50 gems, 1.7% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Holland Rose, Black Opal – 6 gems, 1.1% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Swiss, Red Beryl – 16 gems, 0.23% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Losenge, Black Opal – 65 gems, 0.042% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Swiss, Painite – 200 gems, 0.001% chance to be drawn;
  • Gem Swiss, Blue Diamond – 1,000 gems, 0.0001% chance to be drawn.

You can test how this works by tapping “Demo Opening”, which can also be done with any case you claim down the line. Once you’re ready to open your Vegas Gems sign-up bonus, tap “Open for Free” and keep your fingers crossed!

Vegas Gems Open Chest

The Vegas Gems sign-up bonus is superb compared to other reputable sweepstakes casinos. Though the chance of grabbing a whopping $1,000 for free is astronomical, you have a fair shot of claiming $16 to $200 without spending a dime. To fully claim the benefits of the SWEEPSCASINO bonus code, you may need to spend real money, but you’ll get a huge bang for your buck for doing so.

Supported states

Vegas Gems Availability

Vegas Gems is available in virtually all US states, excluding Michigan, Idaho, Washington, and Nevada. If you live in a supported state and are at least 18 years old, you are eligible to register a free account, grab your sign-up bonus, play for sweeps, and redeem your Gems for real cash rewards after meeting all the wagering requirements.

Promo Rules and wagering requirements

Similar to other reputable sweepstakes casinos, Vegas Gems has created a set of simple rules that players must follow to redeem their Gems for real money prizes. These rules include:

  • 1x playthrough requirement: all Gems are treated as bonus funds. Wager each gem once to make it redeemable;
  • Minimum redemption threshold: a cash redemption request can only be submitted once the player has accumulated a minimum balance of 100 redeemable gems;
  • Account verification/KYC: only players who’ve passed a verification check are eligible to make redemption requests;
  • Deadline: Gems and Shards don’t have an expiry date, but they are removed from suspended accounts. Profiles of players who fail to provide the required information within 7 days of receiving the KYC form can be terminated or temporarily suspended.

Account verification is a standard procedure that rarely takes over 24 hours. Tap on your profile icon, navigate down to “Actions”, and tap “KYC Verification”. You should be greeted with the following screen, so simply tap “Let’s Begin” and complete the form.

Vegas Gems KYC

You can easily keep track of your non-played and redeemable Gems from your Profile too. The section “User Stats” can be found just under your profile icon, telling you how much you’ve earned (redeemable gems), the total number of games you’ve played, and the number of tournaments you’ve won.

Vegas Gems User Stats

If you’ve met all the bonus rules, you can now request a prize redemption by tapping “Redeem Prize” next to your account balance. Make sure that the right sidebar is open, as it will allow you to specify the amount of Gems you wish to convert to cash, nominate the desired currency, and input the address of your crypto wallet.

Vegas Gems Crypto Option

Vegas Gems First Purchase Bonus

Vegas Gems Purchase Bonus

Vegas Gems offers a total of 10 purchasable Shard (GC) packs, all of which contain free Gems (SCs). Moreover, the amount of free currency you’ll gain in any pack exceeds the price tag by a small amount.

As we mentioned, the best way to get a headstart at Vegas Gems is to use the promo code SWEEPSCASINO and capitalize on the Gem Boost offers. These effectively double as first-purchase bonuses, allowing you to grab 50% extra gems up to $20 or 10% extra gems up to $100 on your chosen Shard bundle.

Speaking of bundles, you will be able to choose from the following:

  • 5,500 Shards + 6 free Gems for $4.99
  • 20,000 Shards + 11 free Gems for $9.99
  • 40,000 Shards + 21 free Gems for $19.99
  • 80,000 Shards + 52 free Gems for $49.99
  • 100,000 Shards + 77 free Gems for $74.99
  • 150,000 Shards + 103 free Gems for $99.99
  • 200,000 Shards + 202 free Gems for $199.99
  • 300,000 Shards + 304 free Gems for $299.99
  • 550,000 Shards + 503 free Gems for $499.99
  • 1,000,000 Shards + 1,005 free Gems for $999.99

Note that the 10% bonus only works with the first 6 bundles (up to $100) while the 50% bonus can only be used on the first 3 (up to $20). Let’s say that you’ve opted to buy the $99.99 bundle; after activating the SWEEPSCASINO bonus code, you will receive 113.3 free Gems instead of 103.

We’d like to remind you that only verified players can purchase Shard packages; as soon as you pass the KYC check, you’ll be eligible to not only purchase Shards but also redeem your Gems.

Free Gems Bonuses for Vegas Gems Existing Players

Besides the Gem Boosts obtainable via the SWEEPSCASINO bonus code and the Welcome Case bonus, there are a few additional offers that Vegas Gems account holders can claim, including:

  • Daily Login Cases: receive 1 free Case every day. Unlike Welcome Cases, they contain both Shards and Gems as potential prizes;
  • Bejewel Cases: purchase Shard Packs to make “Bejewel” progress. Upon reaching your buy goals, you will earn Bejewel Levels, unlock unique Bejeweled Cases, and receive a special “Bejeweled” status, granting you double experience points for two hours;
  • Alternative Method of Entry (AMOE) Bonus: send a handwritten postcard to JSP Media Holdings Ltd at Lower Baggot St, Dublin to receive 5-10 free Gems. Check the casino’s Sweeps Rules section 8 for more details;
  • Daily Live Competitions: each day, the top three players who’ve placed the highest total Gem wagers receive free Shards and Gems;
  • Bonus Rain: an hourly event that distributes a percentage of wagers contributed by all Vegas Gems players who’ve made a purchase worth at least $10 in the past 30 days.

Daily Login Cases

Vegas Gems Case Opening

Daily cases at Vegas Gems are the equivalent of daily login bonuses at other sweepstakes casinos with a little twist – instead of receiving flat or progressive in-gamy currency, the amount of Shards or Gems you’ll get is randomized. A sophisticated RNG system ensures fairness, lowering the chance of consecutive bad runs.

You can access your daily cases by tapping “Rewards” and selecting “Daily Cases”. This will open a new panel where you’ll be able to see the history of your opened cases, as well as countdown timers when the new ones will be distributed.

It’s important to note that Daily Login cases can award either Shards or Gems. Additionally, the prizes included in each case are considerably smaller compared to the Welcome Chest (for instance, the $1,000 Blue Diamond is not included). At any rate, you can open these cases for free whenever they are available, and you can use the “demo opening” feature on all unopened ones.

Bejewel Cases

Vegas Gems bBejewel

Bejewel Cases are progressive bonuses offering high Gem rewards and unique perks, but you’ll need to meet the “buy goals” to earn experience points and level up to unlock them all. Even the first one is locked until you buy at least 10 shards, as illustrated below:

Vegas Gems Shards

The “buy goals” become progressively higher as you level up. Fortunately, every time you “get Bejeweled”, you will earn twice as many experience points.

Unlike daily cases, Bejeweled cases feature Gem prizes exclusively. New types of prizes are introduced, such as the 0.10 gem “Cushion Musgravite” and the 0.25 gem “Heart-shaped Painite”. By opening the first few cases, you can only get about 10-20 gems while the premium ones locked behind levels 100+ offer much better prizes, such as the Gem Table Grandidierite worth $190, or the Gem Trillion Blue Diamond worth $300.

Vegas Gems Case Items

As soon as you get the Bejeweled status, you will not be able to attain it until the next day. We love the fact that there’s a hidden bonus within this bonus that will grant you a free Bejewel status if you reach six buy goals within one month.

AMOE Bonus

Alternative Entry

The alternative method of entry or AMOE bonus is essentially a $5-10 no deposit bonus. Comparing it to the industry’s average, we established it is a great promotion, but just like other Vegas Gems bonuses, it involves a bit of randomness.

You will need to use the unique AMOE code, obtainable by tapping “alternative method of entry” at the footer of Vegas Gems’ official website, and send it along with the other required information in a handwritten postcard to the casino’s owner, JSP Media Holdings Ltd.

In a nutshell, you’ll need to write a request for free sweeps by hand, include the information you used while creating your Vegas Gems account, and simply mail it to the company. The specifics on which information needs to be included can be found in the Sweeps Rules.

Daily Live Competitions

As huge fans of social gaming, we prefer sweepstakes casinos that regularly launch tournaments and various contests. Vegas Gems seems to like this idea as well, as daily leaderboard tournaments are hosted every day.

Vegas Gems Competitions

The best part about Vegas Gems competitions is that you’re in as soon as you start playing for Gems. The main parameters by which the players are scored include Total Wager and Total Games. Play through more Gems and as many rounds as you can without putting a dent in your wallet, and you’ll eventually score in the top three – the positions that are eligible to claim excellent Gem and Shard prizes.

Although the amount of prizes sometimes changes, they’ve been consistent for a while now. The 3rd place usually receives 250 Shards and 50 Gems; the 2nd place gets 500 Shards and 100 Gems while the winner receives 1,000 Shards and 150 Gems.

Bonus Rain

Bonus Rain

One of the main reasons why minor purchases tend to pay themselves off at Vegas Gems is the hourly event called Bonus Rain. We’ve been at casinos that utilize similar “global rakeback” concepts, but the fact that all verified players get a slice by merely filling out a captcha prompt is amazing.

The only prerequisite to join these Bonus Rain events is to make a minimum purchase of $10 at least once in the last 30 days.

Tips for Maximizing Free Gems at Vegas Gems

  • The highest value you can get for $10 is to use the code SWEEPSCASINO, buy a $9.99 bundle, and use the 50% Gem Boost on your purchase. Not only will this give you 16.5 free shards, but it will also unlock your first Bejeweled Case and make you eligible to participate in Bonus Rain events.
  • As a non-paying user, you can still grab tons of free Shards and Gems via daily cases. Don’t forget to check in every 24 hours to open a new one.
  • Vegas Gems is home to hundreds of popular slots. We particularly love and recommend feature-rich ones like Pragmatic’s Gates of Olympus, Starlight Princess, and Big Bass Hold & Spinner.
  • If you’re simply chasing the 1x rollover requirement to claim your money prize, we recommend low-volatility slots like Belatra’s Jewels or Gameart’s Dragon King.

SweepsKings Verdict on Vegas Gems Bonus & Rewards

  • Daily Login Case: your main method of topping up your Shard and Gem balance; a new one is unlocked every 24 hours;
  • Bejeweled Case: a highly rewarding progressive bonus system that unlocks unique cases with higher payouts; clear your buy goals to access them;
  • AMOE Bonus: mail a postcard to Vegas Gems to grab 5-10 free Gems;
  • Leaderboard: simply play your favorite online casino games to earn a spot on the Vegas Gems leaderboard. The top 3 players receive excellent Gem and Shard prizes;
  • Bonus Rain: deposit at least $10 to grab your stake of the total wagers contributed by all verified Vegas Gems players every hour;
  • First Purchase Bonus: use the promo code SWEEPSCASINO to unlock two exclusive boosts on purchasable Shard packs.

Vegas Gems is among the most generous sweepstakes casinos in the US, offering a variety of unique bonuses. Even though its reward system can feel a bit random at times, the fair RNG ensures that you’ll always have a way out of a rough patch.

We at SweepsKings have personally tested all bonuses Vegas Gems has to offer and give this casino our coveted Seal of Approval. Use our links to sign up and don’t forget to redeem our exclusive SWEEPSCASINO code to get a headstart.

Damjan Jugovicspajic

Author: Damjan Jugovicspajic


Damjan puts his SEO skills and excellent writing abilities on show day in and day out at SweepsKings. He produces impressive strategy content that significantly increases your win rate and turns even the unluckiest sweepstakes casino player into a winner. Damjan also plays a key role in coming up with fresh content ideas and keeps SweepsKings powering along.
Damjan puts his SEO skills and excellent writing abilities on show day in and day out at SweepsKings. He produces impressive strategy content that significantly increases your win rate and turns even the unluckiest sweepstakes casino player into a winner. Damjan also plays a key role in coming up with fresh content ideas and keeps SweepsKings powering along.
Up to 1000 Gems No Deposit + 50% Bonus