Meet The Team Behind SweepsKings

Meet The Team Behind SweepsKings

Welcome to SweepsKings, where we demystify the world of sweepstakes casinos and provide you with all the information you need for an unforgettable gaming experience. To ensure you get laser-accurate, easy-to-access, and helpful content, we’ve compiled a team of seasoned sweepstakes casino experts.

Our writers come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from high-stakes players to industry professionals who’ve designed your favorite games to gambling affiliates who’ve been around since online casinos first started. All our content is not only written by sweepstakes experts but is thoroughly fact-checked and regularly updated. At SweepsKings, you won’t have to ever worry about outdated bonuses or promo codes!

Also, all of our writers are active sweepstakes casino players, so whenever you read about a particular strategy or new method to claim sweeps coins, rest assured that it still works!

Alex Windsor – Editor-In-Chief

Alex Windsor is the founder of SweepsKings and is a jack of all trades. He has been working continuously for over 15 years in the iGaming space and, throughout that time, has set up numerous gaming businesses and highly successful affiliate sites. Alex’s success is in part thanks to his passion for all things iGaming and particularly sweepstakes casinos. He is constantly in talks with the latest sweepstakes casinos and analyzing trends to see where the industry is heading.

Alex is also a keen player! When he’s not taking SweepsKings to new heights or spending time with his family, you can find him playing video slots, and when he’s feeling extra adventurous, he’s doubling down on 17!

Alex’s vision for SweepsKings is to share his love of sweepstakes casinos with the world and provide players with easy access to content that will truly enhance their gaming experience. This is why he is always on the hunt for exclusive bonuses for SweepsKing readers and insists on publishing only the highest quality content.

Alex also has a great eye for talent and has done a fantastic job assembling a team of writers who are just as passionate about sweepstakes casinos as he is!

You can read the latest articles by Alex here.

Mike Fatouros – Head of Content

Mike Fatouros is the head of content at SweepsKings, and not a single word gets published without his approval. With so much disinformation floating around the internet surrounding sweepstakes casinos, Mike has made it his mission to ensure that SweepsKings stands out as a trustworthy source where readers of all levels can quickly find relevant and helpful information.

Mike has extensive iGaming marketing experience and has previously worked as a content writer and SEO specialist. He has high-level technical skills and is a master at predicting trends, ensuring that SweepsKings continues to produce top-tier content.

Mike also has extensive iGaming legal knowledge, which is particularly pertinent to the dynamic sweepstakes casino sector. He will keep you on top of the latest industry developments and, in plain terms, reveal legal and illegal sweepstakes operations.

After working tirelessly to keep the SweepsKings content machine rolling, Mike still finds the time to play at sweepstakes casinos and is currently riding a 400-day daily bonus login streak. He particularly enjoys table games, including everything from craps to sic bo to live baccarat.

Stay on top of Mike’s latest articles here.

Damjan Jugović Spajić – SEO Expert & Content Writer

Damjan Jugović Spajić has extensive experience writing all types of iGaming content, from reviews to industry news to strategy guides. Damjan has been honing his skills for over 10 years and has a fantastic ability to write content that caters to newbies as well as experienced players.

Damjan takes a straightforward approach to content writing and is able to cut through the fluff to deliver the exact answers you’re looking for. He has an analytical mindset, which helps him generate unique insights that other sweepstakes casino content lacks. Every time we read a new article from Damjan, we come away with a new gem of information.

Damjan produces some of the best sweepstakes casino strategy content. You won’t find any generic advice, he shares tips that genuinely improve your odds of winning and reveals hidden tricks that sweepstakes casinos don’t want you to know about.

When Damjan isn’t writing well-researched content, he is working on SweepsKings SEO and ensuring our content is up-to-date and easily accessible. When you regularly see SweepsKings ranking in the top 3 on the first page of Google, you can give a shout-out to Damjan and his nifty SEO skills!

Visit this link to check out Damjan’s work.

Sara Miljkovic – Sweepstakes Casino & Games Reviewer

Sara Miljkovic boasts 5+ years of sweepstakes casino experience and even more as a player. She was one of the first players to sign up to Chumba Casino back in the day. Sara uses her personal experience to craft unique content, giving you access to the real thoughts of a seasoned player.

Sara has a particular talent for reviewing sweepstakes casinos. She has an encyclopedia-like memory and is able to effortlessly compare different sweepstakes casinos and highlight areas where they excel while also drawing attention to things they need to work on. Sara isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and her constructive criticism is a breath of fresh air, especially when so much sweepstakes casino content is generic and focuses solely on the positives.

Sara doesn’t just have sweepstakes casino reviewing expertise, she also produces some incredible game reviews. It doesn’t matter if she is writing about live blackjack, crypto games, or the latest Pragmatic Play slot, Sara always comes up with interesting takes. She has a talent for getting you excited about the latest releases. Also, don’t even think about her strategy sections, you will find easy-to-action tips that will level up your game instantly.

Bookmark this page for the latest posts by Sara.

Jon Ridehalgh – Slot Aficionado

No one knows sweepstakes casino slots like Jon Ridehalgh. Jon has been playing slots before many of our readers were even born. He brings to the table extensive playing and industry experience, allowing him to take his slot reviews way past describing the game’s bonuses, RTP and symbols.

Jon lifts the hood on slots and takes you deep into the games’ mechanics. But don’t worry, Jon’s slot reviews aren’t just for advanced players and are written in an informative yet fun way. You can’t help but be excited to try out a new slot after you’ve finished reading one of Jon’s reviews.

Jon isn’t just a slot expert, he also knows his way around sweepstakes casino bonuses. He has spent the last three years devouring every bonus and promo he can get his hands on. Whether you want to find the best AMOE bonus or know which sweepstakes casino has the most generous referral program, Jon is the man to see!

Even though Jon is a busy man, he still squeezes in some sessions on his favorite slot, Sweet Bonanza. You wouldn’t believe how many sweeps coins he’s redeemed playing this Pragmatic Play slot!

Watch this space for new articles by Jon.

Bogdan Lunkan – High Stakes Player

Bogdan Lunkan has been grinding sweepstakes casinos for over 10 years. He vividly remembers when sweepstakes casinos first burst onto the scene, and he spent all night trying to figure out what a gold coin was and how redemptions work. Luckily, thanks to Bogdan’s helpful content, where he generously shares his insider knowledge, you can become a sweepstakes casino expert in a few minutes.

Bogdan is always keen to help out up-and-coming players by revealing the latest strategies that are proven to earn you free sweeps coins. Whether he’s debating the effectiveness of buying free spins or a new craps betting system he’s come up with, you’re sure to learn something every time you click on one of his articles.

Due to his vast playing experience and the fact that he has an account with every sweepstakes casino, Bogdan produces incredibly in-depth reviews. He is a master at analyzing a sweepstakes casino’s games, bonuses, VIP program, and mobile experience. If a sweepstakes casino gets Bogdan’s tick of approval, then you best believe you should be playing there!

Follow Bogdan’s articles here.

Ross Timmins – Sweepstakes Casino Bonus Hunter

Ross Timmins is our resident bonus hunter, he has an almost extra-terrestrial ability to sniff out the best sweepstakes casino bonuses. He is constantly monitoring 50+ sweepstakes casinos for the latest offers and holds VIP status at 10+ sites.

Ross has an amazing knack for breaking down complex terms and conditions and will help you quickly work out what promos suit you. He also shows you exactly how to claim different bonuses, writing detailed step-by-step instructions so you can start stacking free sweeps coins as soon as you register.

Ross will deliver you exclusive bonuses and uncover hidden promos that sweepstakes casinos bury in their terms and conditions, like AMOE. If you follow his advice, you’ll be redeeming real cash prizes without ever having to make purchases.

Ross isn’t just a legendary sweepstakes casino bonus hunter, he also produces some of the best reviews on the internet. He takes a very meticulous approach, and all his insights are based on his personal experience playing, which is what separates his reviews from the cookie-cutter approach many other writers take. If you want to learn more than just the basics about a particular sweepstakes casino, check out Ross’ reviews!

Learn more about Ross Timmins’ work here.