SweepsKings DMCA Policy

SweepsKings DMCA Policy

We at SweepsKings fully respect the companies behind sweepstakes casinos we review and their platforms. We have pledged to approach these sites based on professional, unbiased testing and to perpetually stand by all guidelines outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to protect the intellectual property and reputation of casinos we review.

The entirety of content published at SweepsKings is created by professional casino experts who strive to adhere to the Fair Use policies of tested casinos fully.

Our DMCA compliance statement underscores our approach to intellectual property belonging to the owners, founders, and operators of US sweepstakes casinos reviewed by SweepsKings. The following sections will underline how our team handles copyright infringement and preserves the IP rights of casino owners.

Our DMCA Policy

By visiting our website, we require you to acknowledge and comply with our DMCA compliance policy.

If you own, run, or are in any way affiliated with a sweepstakes casino we reviewed, tested, or mentioned in our publications and believe that we used copyright-protected content that either harmed or endangered said intellectual property, we ask you to provide a full DMCA infringement notification, which should include the following:

    • A detailed description of the content in question.

    • A description of the content that is allegedly infringing your or your affiliates’ intellectual property (for identification purposes).

    • Your postal and email address and phone number.

    • A statement of alleged unauthorized content use and infringements upon the platform’s fair use policy.

    • A declaration of copyright ownership or proof of authorization if you are acting on behalf of the sweepstakes casino in question as a partner or affiliate.

    • A physical or e-signature of the copyright owner or authorized individual.

In our commitment to operating within the legal boundaries of the sweepstakes casino industry, we may sometimes remove our content even if copyright infringement claims are invalid.

We strive to show respect and ensure that we never diminish the presence and importance of sweepstakes casinos we review, so if you believe that some or all of your content was removed based on wrongful claims, we encourage you to submit a DMCA counter-notification, which should include the following:

    • A physical or e-signature of the copyright owner or authorized individual.

    • A description of removed content and its prior location.

    • A statement pertaining to the content being removed based on inaccurate or false infringement claims.

    • Your contact details.

    • Your consent to the jurisdiction of the federal court in your state or district, complying with the service of process from the individual who initially submitted the infringement claim.

DMCA Policy Updates

Our company reserves the right to change, amend, and/or update any section of our DMCA compliance policy. All changes we make will be posted on our website and made publicly available. We would like to remind our users and visitors that continuing to use our website will indicate acceptance of the updated policy conditions.

Our Stance on Repeat DMCA Infringements

SweepsKings is committed to curbing repeat DMCA-related infringement and will take all necessary actions to prevent users from engaging in acts that lead or may lead to copyright infringement.

Reach Out to SweepsKings

If you would like to know more about our DMCA policy, want to submit an infringement notification or counter-notification, or want us to elaborate on the topic, feel free to reach out to our team using this link.