Is There a MrBeast Casino App?

Is There a MrBeast Casino App?

We can say that scams are probably as old as the first attempt at paleolithic barter. Throughout history, the craft of disguising the phony as something real has taken a myriad of shapes and forms. A recent phenomenon concerning a famous YouTuber and online casino gaming should have casino enthusiasts paying attention.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast to his 400 million subscribers, has allegedly stood behind a casino app brandishing his world-famous alias. Donaldson is by now known for his entrepreneurial spirit so many people were eager to jump on the next best casino app.

We’ll let you know the truth about the MrBeast gaming apps and why people shouldn’t jump on any bandwagons that haven’t been verified by our own online casino pros.

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Is The MrBeast Casino App Legit?

The internet was flooded with news about MrBeast releasing his own online casino app. Reddits, tweets, videos, ads, sponsored posts, and articles on the web speculated what this may be all about. The entrepreneurial MrBeast had already launched a number of successful businesses: a burger joint, chocolate snacks and a mobile app. Further, he’s founded two philanthropic efforts and donated millions of his own money.

So no one really knew whether MrBeast had been working on a MrBeast Casino app in the meantime, potentially saving it for a grand entry on the market. Sports and casino fans speculated whether the app is going to offer sports betting in addition to casino games, but little did they know, all those MrBeast casino ads were far from genuine.

Candy Extravaganza

Is The Casino App By MrBeast a Scam?

Yes, there is a MrBeast casino app but in and of itself, it’s a garbled up hokum by way of MrBeast’s photos and videos. Scammers have resolved to exploit Donaldson’s fame by recreating deepfake renditions of his PR photos, video screenshots and appearances.

We have to admit, the end-product of the supposed MrBeast Casino app looked convincing and we can’t blame all those people falling for the scam. The app looked real and fake accounts bragging they’ve won lots of money had an irresistible pull for those that like real money gambling.

MrBeast BBC News

The BBC (that is British Broadcasting Service) did a report on scammers exploiting MrBeast’s fame and reputation, which the scammers, cheeky as they are, took that video and made the reporter say that the app is taking off and people are winning money left and right!

What’s more, the deepfake video features MrBeast saying the app is giving away a £100,000,000 jackpot every week!

Too good to be true? You bet! But most people wouldn’t know that because online swindlers had them believing that Donaldson, who has proven his philanthropic persona time and again, is using his own online casino platform to earn money and give it all away.

What is the MrBeast App Paying Real Money?

The correct question here should be in the plural: “Which MrBeast apps are so generous about paying loads of money and guaranteed casino wins by relying on an unsustainable Robin Hood-esque business model?”

You read that correctly. There are multiple apps that are using MrBeast’s deepfaked claims, promising large winnings and unrealistic weekly jackpots.

The scary truth is that these phony apps look as real as they come. One example is Ra Rich Dreams, which a deepfake video of Donaldson promotes for its guaranteed payouts of $1,000 per player. The app features an Ancient Egypt theme with a wheel of fortune game, spinning symbols and stunning visual effects.

If you are familiar with online casino slots you’d think this game is legit because it runs so smoothly, i.e. it is a total opposite of games that are usually associated with scammy casino apps and sites. Our casino experts have played hundreds of Ancient Egypt-themed slots and they can’t tell the difference between those and the fake MrBeast casino app.

The takeaway is that tell-tale signs like clunky reels, cheap sound effects and dull graphic design are no longer the yardstick by which you can measure a real vs fake casino game.

Ra Rich Dreams

MrBeast Scam Apps – Beware

As we said above, there are several apps that have taken off and defrauded lots of people of their money: Candy Extravaganza, Ra Rich Dreams, SphereShift and Plinko Whai. Plinko fans were targeted in yet another deepfake, this time featuring MrBeast as guest on the Joe Rogan Show.

Unless you really hearken to it, deepfake Rogan’s voice has been rendered to sound exactly like the real person. Rogan claims he is “obsessed with the app,” because he’d just downloaded it and won $1,000 from the first few spins.

Candy Extravaganza features dripping candy-colored fruits and sweets inasmuch it mimics the famous Candy Crush Saga app to the last pixel. While this app doesn’t have MrBeast’s name in front of it, it has appeared in videos and articles online as such.

Apps that have MrBeast as part of the name are:

  • Mr Beast Casino Carnival
  • Mr Beast Casino App Luxury Bonanza
  • Mr Beast Plinko Whai

We’ve already established that scammers are incredibly proactive in spamming the web with videos, blog posts, reddits and articles about their fraudulent apps to the extent that the words “MrBeast Casino app” have become a huge red flag. Simply said, beware when you see a casino app or a game app with these words hovering anywhere nearby.

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How to Recognize Fake from Real Casino Apps

We’d love to give our readers straight instructions by which they can recognize the real from the fake, but in this world of deepfakes and AI that can generate code for all manner of games in a matter of seconds, this is a difficult undertaking.

As you can see from the examples above, deepfake videos are hard to tell apart, especially by social media users who scroll their feed with a lightning speed. They see a video promoting a new casino app with promises that are within the possible ($1,000 wins in the first two weeks), they download the app and deposit money.

Here are some tips for how to protect yourself from fake apps:

  • Double-check the ad before you take the bait: check for T&Cs, look for user reviews, look up the parent company.
  • Use common sense: an ad or a video seemingly associated with MrBeast (or other internet celebs for that matter) offers terms that are too good to be true, like 100,000,000 in jackpots!
  • Rely on professional casino reviewers: the purpose of dedicated websites like the one you are on is to set apart the real casino apps from the fake casino ones.

According to our team’s extensive experience with real and scam casinos and apps there is one sure way to choose the good from the bad: save our website in your favorites, make a shortcut on your desktop, keep the tab always open, etc.

In brief, you can choose from social and sweepstakes casinos on SweepsKings that redeem coins for real money as long as there is nothing wrong with the players’ account, ID or payment option. Here is quick guide to how to find legit US online casinos:

  1. Bookmark SweepsKings
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  4. Create your account
  5. Verify your email and ID
  6. Play casino games for a chance to win prizes

We sift through hundreds of casino sites and mobile casino apps to investigate which are legit and which aren’t. If you want to play casino games for real money you should consult with our casino reviews. These cover legit and often licensed casinos with independently tested games, operated by real companies who provide customer service and a privacy policy.

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There are lots of free online casino apps that appear to be legit. Just try not to let a deepfake video convince you it is so. Our website features casino reviews for casino apps that redeem the virtual Sweeps Coins currency for real money, where one SC equals 1 USD.

The following apps have been tested time and again to make sure the games are contemporary, fun and legit; that coins are honored for redemption; and that there is a constant availability of free Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins from bonuses and promotions.

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  • Funrize is an up and coming sweepstakes casino that has an official mobile app for Apple and Android mobiles and tablets. New players can sign up with free 400,000 Coins and 1000 promotional entries and step into a world of 150 casino games from a proprietary game provider.

The above are legit apps, unlike the MrBeast fake virtual casino games. Our review process can be a great guide when evaluating operators independently.

Bogdan Lunkan

Author: Bogdan Lunkan


Bogdan Lunkan has been playing sweepstakes casino games before it was cool! He has achieved top VIP status on a number of sweepstakes casinos and regularly bets the max when playing his favorite slots. Bogdan takes you inside the mind of a high-stakes player, and following his tips, you too can redeem lots of sweeps coins.
Bogdan Lunkan has been playing sweepstakes casino games before it was cool! He has achieved top VIP status on a number of sweepstakes casinos and regularly bets the max when playing his favorite slots. Bogdan takes you inside the mind of a high-stakes player, and following his tips, you too can redeem lots of sweeps coins.