1,000 Tokens + 0.10 YottaCash







Casino games


Casino games

Company Info

Yotta Technologies Inc; launched Yotta in 2019



Restricted States

Nevada and Idaho

Welcome Bonus

1,000 Tokens + 0.10 YottaCash; 10 free YottaCash for just $5


Tokens and YottaCash

Payment Methods

Debit Cards, Online Banking, ACH Transfer

Gaming Software

Bespoke software

Gaming Categories

Blackjack, Minigames

Support Contacts

support@withyotta.com, FAQ, social, live chat, phone

General Ratings

78 /100 Expert rating by Jon R.
85 Promotions and Bonuses 49 Games 74 Payments 89 Safety & Trust 90 Customer Support 81 User Experience
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Yotta Sweepstakes Casino Review

Yotta Casino Homepage

I believe the best way to describe Yotta is as a social casino-like platform that encourages savings while offering guaranteed free play.

It breaks the mold of classic sweepstakes casinos by opening FDIC-insured savings accounts on behalf of its users, provides free tickets for daily sweepstakes draws based on how much you save each month, and has a humble selection of arcade-style games.

Yotta launched in 2019, but I heard about it and joined the platform in late 2020. After more than three years of testing, I’m prepared to provide you with an unbiased review of this innovative sweepstakes casino.


  • RNG-tested original games, some of which feature customizable volatility settings
  • All accounts are FDIC-insured up to $250,000
  • Sleek mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Passively earn tickets by having at least $25 in your balance every month


  • Convoluted prize redemption process
  • No slots or jackpots
  • Limited payment options
Editor’s Note

Yotta excels in customer support, guarantees your payments are optional and fully secured, and impressed me with its honesty and transparent operations. It fell short of magical in the field of gaming, having only 6 games and zero slots to offer. Even though it is not a classic sweepstakes casino, it is a good platform for casual gamers and is widely available in the majority of the US. Players looking for a proper social casino lobby should check out the following alternatives:

How Yotta Sweepstakes Casino Works

Yotta Drawings

There are several unique points about Yotta’s sweepstakes system that may be confusing to newcomers, so I’ll try to simplify it as much as possible.

After registering a free account, you will notice that the platform uses two currencies – Tokens, which serve as free-play currency for entertainment purposes, and YottaCash. Both can be claimed for free via bonuses, social media contests, and daily sign-ups.

Yotta Cash or YC is almost like your typical sweeps, but it’s not directly redeemable for cash prizes. Namely, this currency is used to earn tickets for Daily Yotta Drawings, which is a sweepstakes drawing contest that users can enter every night at 9 PM ET.

Users are required to “maintain” their accounts with regular casino activity since unused YottaCash expires after 30 days.

Arcade-like games are available, and you can wager your YC on titles like Moonspin to earn more YC, but this currency is used to get tickets for daily draws at a rate of 1 ticket per 0.05 YC played. When playing the YottaBall sweepstakes, every $1 in YottaCash equates to 240 tickets.

Players use tickets in YottaBall drawings, and if your numbers match the ones being drawn, you earn prizes that can be redeemed for real cash at a rate of YC 1: $1.

Yotta Casino Bonuses

Yotta Casino Bonuses

Yotta has a variety of bonuses for both new and regular members. For starters, you’ll receive 1,000 Tokens and 0.10 YottaCash for free by tapping “Claim” next to “Daily Free Bonus”. Additionally, you can capitalize on the first-purchase deal for a headstart and grab 250,000 Tokens and 10 free YottaCash for just $5.

Below is a quick breakdown of some of the most notable promos you can claim as an active Yotta Casino user:

  • Mail-in Bonus: send a handwritten postcard to Yotta Technologies Inc. at Market Street #4313 San Francisco, and you will receive 0.05 free YottaCash;
  • Daily Logins: simply sign up to your Yotta account once a day and tap “Claim” on the daily bonus to grab 1,000 Tokens and 0.10 YottaCash for free;
  • Daily Top-up: Whenever you have less than 1,000 tokens in your balance, tap “Top Up” to instantly climb up to 1,000 Tokens;
  • Referral Program: receive $5 in free YottaCash for each referral that purchases Tokens worth at least $5. Your friends will receive $2 in free YottaCash as a bonus too;
  • Social Media Contests: follow Yotta on Instagram and Facebook to access exclusive contests and promotions.

Bonuses Review

No Deposit Bonus1,000 Tokens + 0.10 free YottaCash
Promo CodeNone required
First Purchase Bonus250,000 Tokens and 10 free YottaCash for $5
Daily Free Credits1,000 Tokens + 0.10 free YottaCash
VIP ProgramYes
Mail-in Bonus0.05 YottaCash
Referral Bonus$5 in YottaCash per referral

I love that Yotta ensures real-cash purchases are unnecessary by providing so many ways to earn free YCs. I covered the main modes of acquiring this virtual currency, but there’s another bonus that you can use to grab free tickets at the end of each month called “Streak Boost”.

Yotta Streak Boost

Your YottaCash is tied to the back-linked savings account Yotta set up for you when you registered. If you have at least $25 in your linked account at the end of the month, you’ll earn bonus tickets on the first day of the following month.

This progressive bonus grants more tickets the longer the streak is. You’ll earn 5% on the first month and 30% if the streak goes on for five or more months.

Promotions & Bonus Assessment

85 /100
Good staple casino bonuses and a unique savings mechanism
  • Great first-purchase deal
  • Referral bonus rewards both sides
  • Unique streak boost system
  • Humble AMOE bonus

Yotta Casino-Style Games

Yotta Casino Games

After joining Yotta in 2020, I immediately realized this was not a typical sweepstakes casino by  looking at available games. Namely, everything this site offers gaming-wise could fit in the “Minigames” section of alternatives like Stake.us or Pulsz.

In a nutshell, there is 1 table game (Blackjack) and five originals, with the most popular being the Moonshot. All games can be played for either Tokens or YottaCash. To switch between the two available playing modes, tap “Use Tokens” or “YottaCash”, as illustrated below.

Yotta Games

Games and Software Review

Our Top PicksMoonshot, Wonder Wheel
Number of Slots0
Jackpot Games0
Table Games1
Other Gaming OptionsTable Games, Originals
Gaming VendorsBespoke software

Yotta doesn’t offer any slot games. Excluding the daily draws, there are only 6 games users can play, including:

  • Moonshot: a Crash-type arcade game and the only multiplayer title in the catalog;
  • Blackjack: a simplified blackjack table game with basic functions like hit, stand, split, and double;
  • Plinko: in Yotta’s Plinko, all wagers are guaranteed to win at least a portion of the wager back. It features three adjustable volatility settings;
  • Mines: the classic Minesweeper game with a configurable number of mines on the field (3-24);
  • Wonder Wheel: Yotta’s version of Spin the Wheel with four adjustable volatility settings;
  • Double Down: a coin flip-style minigame where players bet on Heads or Tails.

Games Assessment

49 /100
No slots, one table game, fun original arcade-style titles
  • Beautifully animated minigames
  • Configurable volatility levels in most games
  • Extremely high RTP in certain titles
  • YC betting range starts as high as 0.50
  • No slots or typical casino-style games

Yotta Banking

Yotta Casino Banking

Yotta actively reminds all users that real money purchases are completely optional. However, users who wish to get a headstart can purchase Token bundles, starting at $1, all of which include free YottaCash.

One peculiar thing about Yotta is that it allows only debit card payments, unlike most sweepstakes sites that also support credit cards. This is the only payment method that universally works with both deposits and withdrawals. Bank wire transfers can be used for redeeming cash prizes.

Although Yotta’s terms state that both deposits and withdrawals are usually processed within 3 business days, there is a unique Instant Withdrawal option that all users can access if they don’t mind paying a small 1.5% fee (which is a flat $0.50 for redemptions under $33.33).

Additionally, I should emphasize that Yotta has a unique savings system that generates a minimum of 2% annual percentage yield based on total YC in your back-linked savings account, which includes all pending deposits.

Payment Options Review

Yotta BankingPurchasesRedemptionsAverage Redemption Time
Debit CardsYesYesUp to 3 business days
Bank Wire TransferNoYesUp to 3 business days

You can view your Yotta wallet from two sections. Available funds will be displayed when you tap “Games” (based on the chosen game mode), or when you select “Account”.

Yotta Casino Balances

Furthermore, you can tap “Manage” below YottaCash to see the bonus and withdrawable currency proportion, as well as a list of all transactions on this platform.

The minimum redemption limit is $50; the maximum is $2,000 daily and $4,000 weekly for the first 30 days after signing up. Afterward, the withdrawal limit rises to $10,000. As for deposits, the smallest Token pack costs just $1 while the largest one costs $100.

Supported Purchase Packages

Supported Purchase Packages


The number of Tokens in each bundle progressively increases with the size of the chosen package; free YottaCash, however, is always proportionate to the amount of money you deposited. I wouldn’t recommend buying larger bundles simply because you’ll get more Tokens, as these can be topped up for free whenever you drop below 1,000 T.

Payments Assessment

74 /100
Narrow options with limitations, but you’ll get interest in your savings account
  • Instant withdrawals with minor fees
  • Payments start as low as $1
  • Low redemption threshold
  • Only two payment options are available
  • Special withdrawal limits for savings-only users

Is Yotta Sweepstakes Casino Legit?

Yotta Sweepstake Casino

Yotta is among the most honest sweepstakes-related websites I’ve come across recently.

They’re run by a Californian company called Yotta Technologies Incorporated, utilize mobile KYC checks, are certified by Gaming Labs International, and openly disclose information about their winners (as can be seen by tapping “Transparency” on their official website).

Although I couldn’t find any information about their casino license, sweepstakes sites don’t need one to legitimately operate in the United States. They’re very vocal about real cash purchases being optional, will remind you of this at every step, and back it up with free daily credits and top-ups.

Company and Safety Review

CompanyYotta Technologies Inc
RNG-tested GamesGaming Labs International certification
Age Restrictions18+
KYC ChecksYes
Website EncryptionSSL
Operating Since2019
Responsible Gaming Features

Responsible Gaming Features

Yotta is all about responsible gaming. Beyond ensuring its users never have to spend real money to play, the platform also allows players to set self-imposed deposit and withdrawal limits, as well as to opt-in for converting their account into a “savings-only” profile.

Safety Assessment & Trust Score

89 /100
A shining commitment to responsible gameplay with an emphasis on savings
  • RNG-certified by Gaming Labs International
  • Numerous safety features like 2FA, Biometric Authentication, and Card Lock
  • FDIC-insured accounts up to $250,000 via Evolve Bank and Trust
  • Couldn’t find self-exclusion tools

Yotta Customer Support

Getting in touch with Yotta’s customer service was a breeze. The site has a range of support channels that are available around the clock, including phone lines, email support, a live chatbot, FAQs, social media agents, and a comprehensive help center filled with hundreds of articles.

I’m glad that Yotta decided to include all conventional support tools in its network because the platform can be a bit tricky to navigate if you’re new.

Contacts Review

Phone(844) 945-3449
Live ChatYes
FAQ PageYes
Other Contact OptionsHelp Center, Social Media Support
Response Time<24h

I’ve tested all of these support channels and can safely confirm that they work as advertised. There is an alternative phone line dedicated to helping players with banking-related issues which you can reach by calling (844) 945-3449.

Similarly, the “general” support email is support@withyotta.com, but in case you have problems with deposits or withdrawals, send a mail to yotta@synapsefi.com.

The live chatbot is fairly useful for basic questions. I primarily used it to find links to resources I needed, all of which were contained in the all-encompassing Help Center.

Yotta Support Assessment

90 /100
Help is but a click away, available in various direct and impersonal formats
  • Friendly customer support team
  • Chatbot features helpful links and FAQs
  • Hundreds of articles in the help center
  • The search bar doesn’t recognize certain keywords

Yotta Casino UX

Yotta Casino Lobby

Above is the picture of Yotta Casino’s main lobby. The Daily Drawings is a featured “game” because all uses of the YottaCash revolve around it. To find other gaming options, simply select “Games” from the left sidebar. Then you will only need to choose whether you want to play with Tokens or YottaCash.

The platform has several useful customization options, including the app theme (Light or Dark), “Show Money” sliders, winnings visibility, notifications, and a range of other account-related settings.

More importantly, Yotta has a dedicated app running natively on Android and iOS devices. Android users don’t appear overly enthused about the application, as it is rated 1.9/5.0 based on 6,600+ reviews, but Apple users love it. Its rating is 4.6/5.0 based on over 13,900+ ratings in the Apple App Store.

Accessibility Review

AppsGoogle Play and Apple Store
Mobile CasinoYes
Mobile-specific FeaturesN/A
Filtering OptionsTheme Color, Notifications, 2FA, Show Money
Number of Mobile Games6
Aspects That Are Missing on MobileN/A

UX Assessment

81 /100
Smooth UI, dedicated mobile apps, and a beginner-friendly design
  • Mobile-optimized with native apps in Google Play and Apple Stores
  • Simplistic design of the lobby screen
  • Easy to navigate
  • Overwhelmingly negative reviews for the Android app

Yotta Sister Sites

Yotta doesn’t have any distant relatives, let alone sibling sites. Yotta Technologies Inc. is committing its full focus to this sweepstakes platform, and it shows in the polished features and regular updates.

Still, the fact that the entirety of the app revolves around tickets and YottaBall drawings makes it unappealing to many gamers.

Although Yotta is unique in many ways, it became comparable to sweepstakes casinos when several minigames like Minesweeper and Magic Wheel were added. Below is a list of other sweepstakes casinos we recommend to players searching for better games and more authentic casino-style experiences.


Yotta Sweeps Casino CompetitorsGamesWelcome BonusAppsBest For
Yotta5+1,000 Tokens + 0.10 YottaCashGoogle Play and Apple StoreUnique savings system, premium safety features
WOW Vegas900+250,000 WOW Coins + 5 Sweeps CoinsNoOne of the best first-purchase promos available; excellent gaming variety; superb jackpots
Sweeptastic700+20,000 Lucky Coins + 4 Sweeps coinsNoUnique game categories; numerous payment options; partnered with several leading i-gaming studios
Stake.us800+10,000 Gold Coins + 1 Stake CashNoHelmed by a reputable provider; excellent VIP system; beautiful interface

How It Stacks Up

As a “slot-less” site, Yotta can’t come close to more established sweepstakes casinos that boast hundreds of popular games, such as Stake.us or WOW Vegas. Its first-purchase bonus is good, but the difficult redemption process is enough to dissuade most players from even trying Yotta.

Our recommended casinos are superior in all other fields – if you’re looking for hundreds of popular slots, jackpots, and bonus-rich games from prominent vendors, larger promotions, and sites that vividly emulate a true casino-like gaming experience, take a look at our table.

Our Experts Verdict

This platform has an edge over most sweepstakes-related sites with its FDIC-insured accounts and unique savings system.

With that in mind, we can only recommend Yotta to players interested in casual gaming, as well as to players looking for a chance to build a small but steady (potential) passive income since all YCs pay 2% annual interest.

If you’re looking for a “real” sweepstakes casino with cash prizes that are easy to claim and good slots, use our safe links to register with the top sweepstakes sites accessible to US players.


Is Yotta a sweepstakes casino?

Yotta does not brand itself as a casino, but it is advertised as a sweepstakes platform. Several casino-like games are available on the app, and real cash prizes can be claimed.

Who owns Yotta?

Yotta is owned and operated by Yotta Technologies Incorporated, a company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

How to claim cash prizes at Yotta?

Players need to wager YottaCash, obtained from free bonuses or Token purchases, at the YottaBall game. All winnings from this game become redeemable for cash at a rate of 1:1.

Which games are available at Yotta?

Yotta offers 5 minigames and one Blackjack game, as well as regularly hosted YottaBall drawings.

Who can play at Yotta Casino?

Only users who are at least 18 years old and physically located in any US state except Idaho and Nevada are eligible to participate in Yotta’s sweepstakes games and prizes.
Jon Ridehalgh

Author: Jon Ridehalgh


Jon has been playing slots for 20+ years, he’s seen all of the trends from classic fruit machines to Megaways to tumbling reels to Hold & Win. Jon has spent extensive time working in the slot industry and uses his expert knowledge to produce engaging and highly informative reviews. He is also a sweepstakes casino bonus guru, and if you follow his tips, you’ll have more free sweeps coins than you’ll know what to do with!
Jon has been playing slots for 20+ years, he’s seen all of the trends from classic fruit machines to Megaways to tumbling reels to Hold & Win. Jon has spent extensive time working in the slot industry and uses his expert knowledge to produce engaging and highly informative reviews. He is also a sweepstakes casino bonus guru, and if you follow his tips, you’ll have more free sweeps coins than you’ll know what to do with!
10,000 Gold Coins + 1 Stake Cash