Why You Can Trust SweepsKings: Our Editorial Guidelines

Why You Can Trust SweepsKings: Our Editorial Guidelines

The sweepstakes space is still relatively new, and players need experts they can trust to guide them through it. From in-depth reviews of the latest sweeps casinos to comprehensive guides about sweeps mechanics to tips & tricks articles meant to help players enjoy their stay at legit casinos, SweepsKings is here to make your gaming experience enjoyable and complete.

Our Mission

As professionals with over a decade of individual experience in the sweepstakes casino industry, we adhere to a codex of objectivity, independently test casinos, and regularly launch guides, reviews, and other content made by our expert writers.

At SweepsKings, our mission is to keep our readers in the know and help them make informed decisions about both established and up-and-coming sweeps platforms.

Unlike many of our peers, we are not affiliated with specific casino operators and are therefore not paid to promote their websites. We have a disciplined reviewing approach based on strict criteria and only recommend platforms that pass every test with flying colors.

Establishing Transparency as the New Standard

The driving force behind SweepsKings is that fact-checked, up-to-date, verified information about sweepstakes casinos is scarce where it should be commonplace.

Sponsored content has made a dent in the industry, disregarding players’ interests for the sake of recommending sites that pay the most. Outdated information is misleading gamers. Self-proclaimed experts have climbed to the top of Google search rankings via paid placements.

SweepsKings is here to disrupt these trends and establish transparency as the new norm. Our plan to achieve this is simple:

    • Our experts have years of experience and are personally testing each sweeps casino before creating an in-depth review.

    • We have pledged to never use any AI or any AI-derived tools in our research and writing. Every pixel of our content has been created by a position-matched professional.

    • SweepsKings has no ties with casino operators. We are not paid to advertise, promote, or hold smear campaigns against any casino. Every platform, regardless of popular opinion, that passes our tests receives our seal of approval.

Seal of Approval by SweepsKings

Our Promise to Players, by Players

A group of avid sweepstakes casino enthusiasts helms SweepsKings. We’ve been playing at numerous sweeps platforms for years before noticing a severe gap of educational equity in this space, which compelled us to dive deeper into research and testing.

Our promise to you, sweepstakes casino players, is that you will always have a friendly expert to rely on at SweepsKings. By regularly updating our content and rolling out new reviews, you will have access to the latest, verified information as soon as it becomes available.

Comprehensive, Objective Ratings

The vast majority of top-ranked sweepstakes casino reviews are far from objective and unbiased. Ratings are supposed to give you a glimpse into how reviewed casinos fare in individual aspects, but many many websites use this opportunity as a guise for ads.

The SweepsKings team has developed a unique rating & ranking system, and we don’t expect you to blindly trust it. Our ratings are based on the following criteria:

    • Our team invests months of research before the testing phase begins. We understand that sweepstakes casinos can be volatile, so we diligently observe platforms as they pass through multiple stages.

    • As casino players, we are testing games, bonuses, support channels, and banking systems of sweepstakes casinos on our own accord. This is all done so that you don’t have to waste your own time or money.

    • Each review passes through multiple hands at SweepsKings before reaching you. Our writers, researchers, testers, and editors collaborate to provide you with all-encompassing facts, not opinions or rumors.

Why Trust SweepsKings?

We believe that a new era is dawning for the sweepstakes industry, and we want to be at its forefront by establishing trust and transparency as ground rules. We want to clean the i-gaming space of scams and bad actors and ensure that our players have a comfortable, safe gaming experience.

The SweepsKings team is confident that our expertise and forward-thinking approach set us apart from our contemporaries, and we’re here to earn your trust. If you have any inquiries, we encourage you to contact us via email.